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21 / F / Hawaii
Posted 2/15/09

eunice123223 wrote:

AngelYu wrote:

eunice123223 wrote:

AngelYu wrote:

eunice123223 wrote:

Name: Eunice
Nickname: euny or ducky-chan (according to you :D)
Size: long
Brush: doesn't matter :] u choose
Quote: eunice123223
Color: any color that will match :]
Font: any font that look pretty
Affect: uhm....anything that you think is a pretty affect
Extra: ......cute stuff?

Ducky-chan me srry but I need a pic to make an avi so can u choose which pic so I can make you an avi?

D: me don't have a cute picture though :(.....can u help me find one? i just want any cute picture :)

Lolz ducky-chan no worry I got some pretty cute picture :] I make chu one ^o^

okay thankies angel

Ello Ducky-chan how cha doing? lolz me finally finish ur picture sorri it took so long *bow* Angel sorry very much.
I hope chu like ur avi ^-^ plz try to invite your buddy here if possible :)
Clicky Clicky-

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23 / F / Using ipad
Posted 2/15/09

Thank you very muche angel ^-^ and i will =)
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21 / F / Brighton
Posted 2/21/09
Name: Amy
Nickname: ami (another way of writing it)
Size: thin and tall
Brush:doesn't matter
Quote:Yao Ling
Color: anything that is light
Font: bubble kind
Extra: glittery things if could

thank you!! ^^

um...I dont really have any cute pic right do you mind helping me find one? if not then I could try to look. =]
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26 / F
Posted 3/2/09
name: karina
nickname: kairi
size: long
brush: anything pretty (:
color: light colors
font: anything swirly or pretty
affect: lightish
extra:anything thats pretty and cute

Pic: im not sure but, can u put one of those knitted plushies thanks
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F / Singapore
Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09
Name:Ji Young
Size: (Long, Short, ect.):long
Brush:(Line, Stripe, Vector, ect.):bit of line??
Quote:(You Choose):Ji Young
Color:(You Choose):light pink..
Font:(You Choose):bubbly and cute...haha
Affect:(Film, Colorful, etc.):light and sweet^^
Extra:some cute stars??I don't know...haha...anything:)

Picture:for the picture, can i use the one from the 'Group Photo'?? the radish one...thnx:D
Posted 3/31/09 , edited 4/5/09
Nickname: Ai-Chan Or Airi-Chan
Size: Not Too Short Nor Long
Brush: Anything :3
Quote: Wo Ai Ni
Color: Blue
Font: Cute And Bubbly!
Affect: Light
Extra: Kawaii Stuffu!

Umm Can I Have An Avi With Some Of The Plushies? Like The Panda or Something ? Something Kawaii xP
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F / Cloud 9
Posted 4/20/09
Name : CoookieJuunior
Nickname : CoookieJr
Size : Small Short
Brush : Anything cute . Really cute
Quote : Cute Heart
Color : Pink or yellow whatever matches with the picture
Font : i Like dis one
Affect : Sparkle Well idk
Extra : Something cute like little pawprints . Like it looks like a small dog steps over the picture . Btw make the pawprints small

Thanks .
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21 / F / On The Candy Clouds.
Posted 4/25/09
Name: Naomi
Nickname: Ma-chan,Feomi
Size: (Long, Short, ect.) tall and skinny--like mine is
Brush:(Line, Stripe, Vector, ect.) oh colorful stripes!!and maybe some bubbles
Quote:(You Choose) yur friends are all different foods on the food chain xD
Color:(You Choose)al of em :D
Font:(You Choose) ohh disney or something that looks like yu wrote it by hand( no cursive!! )
Affect:(Film, Colorful, etc.)COLORFUL!! :D
Extra: anything yu wanna add

Your Kawaii Pic Here : =^-^=

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22 / F / You'll never know
Posted 5/1/09
Name: Tyra
Nickname: Bunny-chan
Size: Thin and Tall
Brush: Any that matches
Quote:No,you Choose
Color:You Choose
Font:You Choose
Affect: I don't know
Extra: Written- xDustBunny Bunny-chan

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Posted 7/16/09 , edited 8/18/09
nickname: yayami
size: long
brush: any that's cute
quote: kokoro no tamago!
color: pink and violet
font: anything that's cute
affect: anything that's good
extra: anything that matches with the pic

thank u very much
Posted 8/12/09
Size: (Long, Short, ect.)long and thin
Brush:(Line, Stripe, Vector, ect.)if ya want
Color:(You Choose)any color dat goes wit da pic
Font:(You Choose)any
Affect:(Film, Colorful, etc.)any effect dat chu think looks cool
Extra:anythin dat goes wit da pic

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