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(Note) : The following rules should be strictly obeyed :

1) Duels can only be either one on one or a team of two against two.
2) Duels should take place in a teacher's presence, without a teacher , u cannot duel.
3) Teachers shouldn't take part in duels, they can only duel in the specific dueling events.
4) Each participant is allowed to carry one n only one weapon inside the arena.
5) No spamming !! or you'll be banned from the dueling grounds .
6) No outside party shall affair in an ongoing duel, only the respective teacher in charge of the duel can interfere .
7) Dueling tournaments may be held once the classes starts. Winning in tournament gives a student a higher rank, a medal, n also allows them to learn a new and strong skill.

the rules maybe updated later, till then enjoy !!

To Shira : if u have a better pic of a dueling area, put it on !!
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cool dueling hmm me thins that ppl shouldd have fun with this!
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