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Posted 2/1/09
About Japanese photo stickers:
you know those booths where you go and take pictures? But have you been to a japanese photo booth? :] also known as purikura! You can take pictures and decorate them as much as you want (considering its within a time limit)
booths may look like these:

These booths can probably fit around 4-6ppl. Usually in japan, its not unusual to see people all dressed up when they go on these. they would go in kimonos and frilly dresses! either way anyone can show off what they want whether its a hairstyle or their clothes. :3

how they work:

after you take your pictures you go to a small booth in the back (or front depending on what kind of booth you are in) with a screen like this to decorate your pictures. you can take 4-14 photos depending on what kind of booth you are in but usually you would pick around 4-6 to print out.(sometime it takes a long time to wait) and most of the time they're playing some sort of music while you are doing it

And yes they are stickers~ so you will be able to stick them onto your cell phones or something. (well that's the idea)
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