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Posted 2/1/09
I am going to repaste everything on the site to remind you of the rules details jobs and everything please enjoy the Coffee Corner

Details: The Coffee Corner is a lovely magical coffee shop.The inside the shop is huge,it holds a waterfall and some trees for the more nature loving costumers.Also inside the coffee shop are many tables and bars. There is a piano player and a band in the far left corner.The shop welcomes any breed whether it be vampire, furry, pirate, magician or anything. We welcome ANY person and hope to serve whatever needs you have.

Purpose: The purpose of the Coffee Corner is to have fun role playing, make friends, and enjoy new company.

Rulez: The rules of the Coffee Corner are simple
1) No violence
(and if it is absolutely necessary take it outside where there is an arena for peoples entertainment)
2)NO cursing (no acceptions)
3)Be kind and Curtious (for waiters and waitresses)
4) Have fun!!

Manager, Chef, and Lead Singer: -Mitsuki
Second Chef- Misa1234
Waitress and 2nd Singer- Strength1613
Waitress and Piano- chialin7
*MORE WAITRESSES AND WAITERS ARE WANTED* message me to tell me the position you would like to hold
Coffee:Iced cappuccino,frap., vanilla, coco,cool whip (any type that u can think of)
Beverages: Hot chocolate, Coke, Sprite, ( gourmet blood for vampires), gourmet Tea's, *alcoholic drinks are sold at the bar*
Desserts: Milk shakes,Ice Cream,Cheese Cake, Chocolate cake, Cookie Cake, Lemon Cake and Pie, Apple Pie,Cupcakes!Image
Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Jello,*Cookies*
Breakfast: Eggs,Bacon,Toast,French Toast , PANCAKES
Lunch: Club Sandwiches, Fries, Chips,Sushi,Meat pie,Soups,
Sides and appetizers: Chips,Fries,Potato,Salad

*if there is anything you would like added to the menu please let me know*
Posted 3/5/09
what about sushi?
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