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F / Canada
Posted 2/1/09
SO my friends and i are trying to find this asian music video that we saw while we were karaoking!
if you have any idea what music video this is, please reply!

1 Girl ; 2 Guys ; TRIANGLE?
The girl is a new student at some school, and there's only one seat available
next to this guy, and the teacher made her sit beside him, and his peers were
throwing paper and laughing at him. I'm guessing he's a mean guy, and he was
doing the edward-stare and giving the edward-vibe. (LOL)
^ referring to edward cullen from twilight.

Then there's this part .. where .. the girl and the 2 guys were walking .. and
then ... the mean guy would look like a third-wheel .. cause his friend would link
arms with the chick. The girl felt bad, so then she put herself in the middle
and linked arms with both of them, but then the mean guy, let go of her
and walked behind them .. and she got all sad.

Then there's this part where .. they're getting chased by a gang,
and then they had to split. The friend went to the right, and the mean
guy went to the left .. and the girl was being a dumbass
and stood in the middle cause she didn't know where to go and I
think she was hurt .. so the mean guy quickly grabbed her and brought
her to the left .. and made her hide and be quiet, and stuff ..
She was injured and then he was wrapping a cloth around her injury ..
The friend saw that and he got mad/jealous and then he went to .. like .. beat him up ?
LOL or something like that .. ? idk
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25 / F / the land of lincoln
Posted 2/1/09
sorry. i dont know. but that's some music video. i'd watch it if i knew what it is.
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30 / F
Posted 2/1/09
idk but sounds like awsome video
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28 / F / In Your moms Bell...
Posted 2/1/09
Never saw that O.o
Posted 2/2/09
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