Pilot Origin
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Here is where you make up your own origin.


Person: 1 Death was a young kid who blah, blah
Person 2: i was one of the troops in the battle of orb once blah, blah

so get it?
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Ace was a emo kid who was raised by his father, Eric "Black" Chen and mother, Diana Saki. He had a brother named Harry but he was usally called n00b. they lived in Texas and later, Ace and N00b enlisted to the Federation(UC era) He defeated trainer in just 5 minutes, becoz he was a powerful newtype/corrordinator. He was a NT\C cuz his mum was a corrordinator and his pa was a newtype.
he was assigned to GM[G] and his older brother, the same. at the end of the one year war, he and ace moved to orb and joined the ship enternal. The truth was, he lied that he was a Orb citizen. When they found out that he lied, they sent him to court but the judge allowed him to fight coz he was NT/C. He never accomplished to use SEED but each battle, his feelings grow stronger. He has been inspired by pilots like Amuro Ray and Kira Yamato. He has made friends with other Eternal pilots. His origin is unknown but it is confirmed that this is the correct history by looking in feddie files in which his uncle wrote for them. He was able to round up enemies because in Texas, he was taught by a cowboy named Francis Mcbull. he smuggles enemies by flying around them and grab them from behind. It was a long time before Ace learned his past, there were rumors. His mom died at childbirth and his dad commited suicide. Finally he caught the guy who gave him false memories. He learned his father had a company called Black industries. Today, Ace is still devoloping the company with Pax customs.

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27 / M / lost...somewhere...
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The Sunset Mirage, whose real name is unknown, was rumored to have been a failed clone experiment. Though this might be the case, she shows no signs of physical degradation or the reliance on any kind of stimulant whatsoever.

Joining the army at the young age of 15, which she had her papers faked so she can get through, she graduated top of her class and went on to get multiple promotions. During a test battle, she was also confirmed to be a newtype as well, with heightened newtype senses as well.

However, she was never efficient in hand-to-hand combat. So, at the age of 17, she went to train under Master Asia, and was regarded by him as a failure of a student, as she relied much on her innate abilities as a newtype instead of her reflexes. He still trained her though, and she returned to the army at the age of 20, where she obtained the Phoenix Gundam through unknown means.

It was at this time, that the elite team known as The Aggressors was established. She was quickly drafted into the team, along with three other individuals. These were notably (by codenames): Exempt, their team leader, Celeste, who was said to grant victory as long as she was in the field, and Geist, who had the best raw potential from the group. They were so elite that, once word got out that all four of them were to sortie, the enemy would surrender immediately.

Though they were all at odds with each other at first, the Sunset Mirage shared a sisterly bond with Celeste and a good friend relationship with Geist. However, she fell in love with Exempt. During a losing battle in which both she and Exempt were sent ahead of Celeste and Geist, she managed to confess her love for him on the battlefield, in which he responded in kind. They were soon reinforced by the latter two and completely defeated the enemy.

Her happiness didn't last long, however, as the Aggressors faced a court martial and were disbanded. After a tearful goodbye to the team, she was placed under house arrest until she was ordered to participate in an operation in which they were to destroy a colony full of rebels.

It was in this battle that she encountered Exempt, who was fighting for the people in the colony. Though heart-torn, they fought each other to the death. Because of her innate and improved abilities, she was able to quickly take the upper hand and shot him. It was after the operation that she looked into the matter, and found out that there were no recorded rebel activities in that sector at all.

This event destabilized her mental state. She began being rather withdrawn, sadistic, and multiple other mental disorders at the same time. Though it was in this state that her newtype ability seemed to rise by leaps and bounds, reaching the point that she seemingly was able to predict major future events, as if she knew that they were to happen. She was given drugs to suppress her mental deficiency.
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29 / M / Univers, milky wa...
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shiki was born in a happy family but went the wars star his father join the anti gouverenment force but there war was lost and here father executed. The gouvernement find out where is family where iding out and his family where killed befor his eyes. later he join the rebelion groupe where they gave him his father mobil suit the Astraea
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27 / M / In your head...
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Geist served in the army at around the age of 20 after spending most of the years before that in private training (particularly with weapons training). He graduated with top marks due to his experience from before he joined the army which also led to him quickly climbing through the ranks just as SM did before him.

Combat exercises revealed that he was a Newtype though he, until then, thought that it was simply intuition that allowed him to sense incoming attacks. He was soon drafted into the Aggressors where he would become close friends with SM. It was also then that he acquired the Enfini series of Gundams for his personal use.

After the disbanding of the Aggressors, he went around the world and was most often found staying in hotels until he decided to stay in Japan where he would continue honing his skill with the sword. His life then went by normally until such time that he was called on by the military.

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48 / M
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Author: Inspector Sykes (pronounced Sie-ks)
Subject: Calm
Summary: N/A
Date Created: N/A
Date Transferred: N/A
Date Accessed: N/A
Original Source: Inspector Sykes personal computer [ERROR: SOURCE DOES NOT EXIST]
Location: Not Specified
Type: Text and Audio (by Sykes)

The following is a report on pilot Calm of Archangel:

Calm's history is virtually unknown... that's odd... I'll have to investigate.

There are rumors that Calm's files were kept in the Heaven's Base military vaults, but destroyed prior to a ZAFT assault.

Ship: Archangel

Age: 16? (The registration center must be slacking off, because why wouldn't they have this person's age?)

Job: Pilot
(There was a link to a complete profile of Calm, but this led to me accidentally contacting HQ and that forced me to end my investigations for the rest of the day.)

Machine: Destroy Gundam... what, WHAT?! This requires an IMMEDIATE investigation.

Inspection Review on Calm:
All responses to requests on how Calm came into the possession of a Destroy Gundam were the same:

I'm sorry, but you don't have the authority to make such a request.

There have been rumors that Calm is a biological CPU, but this is found to be false because Calm does not suffer from any deficiencies that plague biological CPUs.

Another idea is that he's a coordinator, and he has presented himself as such, however there is no medical history to prove this case either.

Mental State:
His mind is dead; he has no apparent outward emotions towards people, whether they are allies, enemies, or civilians. In battle, he does occasionally reveal his emotions, but only for a brief while. He is usually in the hangar, running check-ups and modifying the programs of his Destroy Gundam. (further investigation pending)

Physical State:
He has an unusually fit physique. From outward appearances, he has a body that surpasses even that of a professional athlete of any known categories. (Medical History Missing: Pending investigation)

IQ: (Acquired from dumped file that wasn't deleted on Military Terminal in Iceland)
According to the IQ exam, he is... Qualified for Tactical Advisor to... to LOGOS? Who are they? He scored better than...WHAT?! This is unheard of! His results surpass even the most notable of ship captains and ace pilots! There must be a mistake with the test process. (Though this might explain who this person actually is.)

That is the current overview of my report, it shall be updated once I my request for a thorough investigation has been approved.

(After-note: Why does he still have a Destroy Gundam? Weren't they all destroyed?)

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27 / M / Vault 15, New Cal...
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Name: Gray Panther
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Nationality: Zeon

Gray Panther is the name assumed by an ex-Zeon soldier who fought during the One Year War. Despite his support for Gihren Zabi, he remained in the battlefield even after Gihren's execution by Kycillia Zabi during the battle of A Baoa Qu. He fought fiercely with his Zaku I, an outdated machine the Command supplanted for his far more reliable Rick Dom, which was heavily damaged while evacuating the Dozle's space fortress Solomon. Nevertheless, the Zeon forces were defeated in A Baoa Qu, and Gray Panther was captured and detained for two years in a European prison camp.

During the unexpected discovery of a massive time warp in the Milky Way, he and his comrades were exiled by the Titans to an alternate universe. During the travel, Gray Panther managed to sneak out of the prison bay and stole a prototype Jegan. After eliminating the ship's escort squadron and disarming the ship's crew, he and the other Zeon POWs took the bridge, and therefore, command of the ship--by then, the ship's Feddie crew was thrown out to space.

They have nowhere to come back to in Earth, and they're running low on fuel to head to Jupiter. To escape for good, they proceeded to enter the worm hole, and ended up in front of "colonies which looked like giant hourglasses", that is, PLANTs. It was during the heat of ZAFT-EA conflict, and their ship was intercepted by a Nazca class cruiser. The Nazca launched three GINNs, and the crew of the Federation transport ship perceived them as "gray Zakus".

Launching with his Jegan, which was crippled during the battle with their Titan escorts, Gray Panther rushed in one of the mobile suits, grappled it and used it as a shield at the same time, forced open its cockpit and wrested control of the GINN. Gray Panther destroyed the other two GINNs, but the enemy Nazca fired at his ship. Gray Panther was enraged and destroyed the bridge with his heavy sword, killing its crew.

Alone, he search for refuge in space with his GINN, carrying his crippled Jegan. He fainted with exhaustion, and to his luck, a party of DSSD Mistrals found his two suits, and brought him to the Troya station. There he was given adequate medical treatment, and his Jegan was curiously examined. When he woke up, he was asked of his name, which he can still perfectly remember. But then, his mind was flooded with memories of fighting the "gray Zakus", and how he wanted to escape his Feddie captors. So he made his resolve to leave his past identity and opt for a new one, free of fighting and warfare. He did not tell his rescuers his real name and insteas, he told them the name by which he was known today--Gray Panther.

From then on, he participated in the construction of a second Archangel class warship, later known as the Dominion, in Troya. After the new ship's completion, he became part of the undermanned crew, both as the combat commander, and a pilot.


That's all for today chiiiiildren, this is Three Dog, awooo! And you're listening to the Galaxy News Radio, bringing you the truth, no matter how it hurts.
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OOC: guys' i put personal info to tell ya that there will b a fourm dat will wat happend in a system nothing like gundam seed eternity or fake gundam 00 sidestrory. if it is based in the future of a timeline, make sure u do not mention any of those characters......
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25 / M / Australia
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>Valkyrie Project Status Report
>Accessing Classified Information
>Encryption Code: Red
> Subject: Test Subjects of Interest
>Classification: Restricted

Codename: Subject 1252 - KnightAngel
Age: 16~19 (age estimated based upon appearance)
D.O.B: -Deleted-
Gender: Male
Nationality: Possibly Vietnamese
Warning: severe split personality.
Demonstrates timid and docile nature when calm. However, given sufficient aggravation or adrenaline subject exhibits increase in aggressiveness and arrogant behaviour. Six handlers killed in previous lapse.

Subject 1252, Codename: Knight Angel, age: 6, first entered into Valkyrie Project. The covert extraction of subject 1252 and flash-clone replacement/integration into the community were successful. Valkyrie Project Stage 1 Initiating: all 1500 subjects will be trained on military bases: -classified-

Subject displays natural leadership among peers after exercise 36: Breaking Point. Recommendations: promote to squad leader. Subject 654, Name: May, seen in constant company with subject 1252, close observation highly recommended.

It is recommended that subject 654 be allowed to remain in company of subject 1252. Subject 1252 demonstrated an extreme sense of protection of subject 654. A severely injured instructor as a result of removing subject 654 from subject 1252. Subject 654 and other squad members' combat efficiency has increased while within subject 1252's command.

Most subjects demonstrate incredible results much higher than predicted when it comes to combat efficiency especially those within base -Classified-. Subject 1252 has risen above peers. Recommend Initiating Phase 2 of Valkyrie Project.

Valkyrie Project Phase 2

All Subjects have been bio-engineered to enhance all physical and mental traits. Almost 25% died as result of side-effects with 40% affect by side-effects too severely for active service.

As result of Chemicals: -Classified- and enhancement drugs subject 1252 has exhibited increased cranial activity, reflexes, eye sight, physical strength and agility. Subject has also displayed slightly increased healing rates and high tolerance for pain. Recommend accelerating project.

Emergency: Mass escape of subject from main base. Subject 1252 leading all 70 remaining subjects of base –classified- in the escape.

>Error: Transmission Terminated

>Damage Report Date 01-05-2306
-Classified- Base destroyed. Cause suspected to be result of overload of nuclear generators cause by Subject 1252. No survivors found. All bodies unrecognisable except for the body of subject 654 (cause of death: Trauma to the head from Military sidearm AP round). Refer to Attached File.

Project Valkyrie: Terminated

Recommendations: All remaining subjects of Project Valkyrie are to be transferred to the Super-soldier program.

High Priority: All subjects are to be trained in order to eliminate all AWOL Valkyrie subjects, classified as: Black Knights.

>Transmission terminated
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M / Lost... again....
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Kyuu was a kid born in a japanese village of ninjas. He was trained in martial arts and was later trained in MS combat. He was very good at piloting, even surrpassing higher level ninja. he somtimes fought with martial arts in MS and was rewarded with a Gundam the Japanese captured that came from space, a Freedom unit(not the one kira yamato uses). He didn't rely on meele unless if he wants to or is in trouble. He later goes to space to defeat the ZAFT forces leading to where he gets his first space mission, protecting helopolis
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