Free AM EVENT* ~Manga Project~
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Posted 2/1/09 , edited 2/2/09
Valentines Day

"Valentine's Day is a special day observed on February 14. On this day, people
send greeting cards called valentines to their sweethearts, friends, and members of their families. Many valentines have romantic verses, and others have humorous pictures and sayings. Many say, "Be my valentine."

There are various descriptions of "valentines day" but for me, the description above is the most suitable description for it.

What I want you guys to do is to make your own MANGA, a ROMANCE MANGA
Simple right?


Event Rules:
1. You can upload your pictures in any online album you know like etc.
2. To confirm that your are the one who made the manga, I need YOU to put and your username as watermark at the top right/left corner on every pages of your manga
like this: below picture

3. Your manga must have atleast 10 pages
4. The drawings MUST not be like the example on rule # 2.
5. Only post the ALBUM LINK up , anything different from that will be disqualified.
6. Black and white or coloured drawings does not matter.
7. If your manga is in japanese style meaning: you read from top right corner to bottom left corner of the page. you put " Japanese style" below the ALbum Link in your post.
If how you read your manga is different from the Japanese Style please put " Not Japanese Style" below the ALBUM LINK
8. Rules number 2 - 7 Must be obeyed or else you're disqualified.

Event Notes:
1.This event is for Non - Anime Membership only.
2. Only 3 - 4 people will be awarded of FREE AM :(
3. The winners will be declared on VALENTINES DAY [GMT-8:00] Pacific Time (US&CAN)


ITo the winners of the the event, if you don't receive your gift in 7 days, you guys can report me to shinji and request him to terminate my account

Every month I will create an event for all the Non - Anime Mem. until I get fired on my work

If you guys have any questions/suggestions please send me a message and don't post it up here on this thread, otherwise I might not be able to read it.

Regarding the anime membership, the Free AM expires in 30 days I think. So It doesnt matter if I send you it (free Am) like february 10 or sumthing, it will not expire at the end of the month. You know what I mean?
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Posted 2/2/09 , edited 2/3/09
Any1 wanna participate?
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