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Posted 2/2/09 , edited 2/2/09
So far only one picture has been uploaded onto the official website. The full audio hasn't been heard yet, I wonder how the episode is like? (^^) More details will be uploaded onto the official website on Monday, but it seems like answers to the questions will also be uploaded tonight.

All branches of the episode were really interesting (^^) This time round, Changmin talked a lot more and he was really funny/interesting. THSK looked really suave when they were stuttering while trying to give answers quickly. But still, Junsu was the most miraculous~! When will he do the gag about the man from the "Dacho" club? -laughs-

*Answer page has been updated
THSK's answers to the questions posed (09/01/30)

Q: Is there something you do when you're tired?
A: Half-body soaks. Also, warm pomelo tea when I catch a cold. (Jaejoong)

Q: What is the ideal thing you want to do on your birthday?
A: I've been spending my recent birthdays with the staff due to work, but I would like to have a gathering for friends and family! (Junsu)

Q: When do you do composing?
A: Anytime. When watching TV... I'd listen to the arrangement and the melody of songs that have already been made as well while composing new songs.
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Posted 2/2/09 , edited 2/3/09
ahahah..lols!! ^^

btw i think u should post this in the dbsk news and releases thread...u know how some ppl love criticising about the endless dbsk stuff on cr forums...
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