Favorite Anime/music
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What your favorite anime
and or favorite type of music
your choice
p.s. don't forget genre
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because I'm trying to be a nice monkey i shall answer it >__>

Fav Anime : Kintama
Fav Music : ..................music .......do you mean my fav song ...if that's what you mean : Regret by Hoshimura Mai
Fav Genre : comedy =_=

on a side note this is my first time to use TWO of those emoticons within one post -> ahh shit 3 =_=
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I'm sure there are more threads like this elsewhere but i'll answer anyway.

Favorite Anime: that's actually quite hard so I'll go with my perennial cop-out and say Cowboy Bebop.
Favorite: I like all kinds of music but my favorite artists are Pixies, The Flaming Lips and The Pillows.
Genre: Doesn't matter.
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This is definitely a duplicate.

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