I c o n :: C o n t e s t :: F e b r u a r y
Posted 2/2/09
I c o n :: C o n t e s t :: F e b r u a r y

    :: Rules/Explanation ::
    + It is "free style" this time; it means you can use whatever picture to do the icon
    hentai/ecchi not allowed though
    + The size must be 100 x 100 ; no bigger or smaller
    + Texts that can be used are: the group's name, your username, a phrase or anything but you are not allowed to use other peoples usernames.!
    + It must be your work, you can ask people's support icon too or you can ask a "gfx group" to do for you.!
    If you are using other peoples, plzz give us their username to confirm if you asked the permission
    + Mods are allowed to participate too.!
    + Any programs are allowed to use..
    + Prizes will be given to the winners.!


Name: yukairi
Date: 02/03/09
Participant no.: Participant #1

If it was requested from someone or anything plz state it in a spoiler or quote.!
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