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Posted 2/3/09 , edited 2/18/09
Target Heaquarters

This office building is six stories high. From here, they regulate where product is shipped to, to what commercials to air on telivision. The building has a purpose for each floor. On floor one they have the lobby floor. This entire floor is just a show area where they have clients sit and wait before being called up into the exexutive area. Here there are televisions, computer terminals, industrial art and other things that are pleasing to the eye. On the second level is the sales floor. Here there are people in charge of the movement of product in stores all over the world. On the third and fourth floors you have market research. These floors are divided into a series of conference roooms where the company decides their future plans. Finally, the fifth and sixth floors are where the offices of the major players of the industry are. These offices are larged and well furnished with very elaborate waiting areas.
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