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[INOO] Dorm Building (locked) [proceed to RYOKEI Dorm Building]
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26 / F / 伊野尾慧 LOL, ahaha.....
Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/7/09
Application Form

Username: egap
Nick Name: paige
DOB: sept. 08, 1991
Country: philippines
Language: filipino, english
Blood Type: o+
Height: 5'4
Likes: HSJ, japan, jpop, books, movies/... etc
Hates: sluts
Fave Pet: teacup poodles
Face Singer/Actor: Yamapi, HSJ, Toma, JE's, Inoue mao, maki horikita, hikaru utada, erika toda,
Fave Food: strawberries, wahaha sweets, pasta
Why do you want to be a Student of This dorm?: its kei inoo!!!XP
Message 2 ALL: hello everyone!!! hehehe let's get along well.. hehe and let's spread kei inoo.. hehehehe
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