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Posted 2/3/09
There were a good many fans before Mei-chan, but now there's seems to be a huge boom.

I'm just curious as to why this particular drama is bringing him to light.

Sadly, his acting skills are not the best in this my opinion, and I love him more...than...well....hahahah...

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Posted 2/23/09
ah finally got to watch some of it too!
well i have to say i was scared of it first... tho its actually entertaining.
even tho it seems like hana kimi reloaded it still is somehow upbeat ..just something you wanna watch to relax. nothing serious or too much action loaded... kinda reminds me.. alot acutally..of Hayate No Gotoku (anime)...

maybe its not suited for you if you look for something closer to reality but since its a manga "remake" ~ they couldn't have done it better i think.

its a bright, colorful, funny show ~ it might get better or worse.. anyways I think Mizu-chan does GREAT ! he is a butler after all and he has to act in this "strange - mode" you usually know from anime.. I dunno how to explain but once you see it you know...

.. well the whole "society " is strange after all ~ im guessing he's gettin much attention nowadays from all the girlygirls who like actors mostly for their looks ... which is really outstanding here !! .. somehow he has got a brilliantly sweet & charming role there as butler.. i guess many girls now want him to be their butler XD I think his acting is great, again very charming~ it's the role who gives you THIS Hiro. So it's fine with me ^^ I couldn't think of a way to act this role differently or even better.. he is doing his best I believe.

Hm.. all in all its kinda a drama for younger girls or just fangirldom..
entertaining. yeh i guess ^^ will keep watching.
can't wait for more Hiro. ;)

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