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Naruto uzumaki
Naruto is a Jinjuriki he has the ninetailed fox in him since he was a new born baby.He dosen't know anything about his parents and lives on his own.His Idol is the 4 Hokage and Narutos dream is to become Hokage.Most of the villergers in konoha hate Naruto and beat him up bc they think he is Kyubi himself.Naruto really hates to be hated by the villagers and trys to be aknowledged at the person he is and not to be seen as the kyubi.Narutos favorite food is Ramen.He has an brotherly love for Sasuke and when he was still a genin he kinda had a crush on Sakura.Naruto is in team 7.Naruto is chased by the Akatsuki because they want to extant the kyubi out of him.When Sasuke left Naruto tried to take him back to konoha and nerly died at the attempt.After that Sasuke took his leave and didn't kill Naruto.When Naruto next woke up he was in konoha at the hospital.After that he goes with Jiraya to train for 2 years.He came back in Shippuden and becomes lot of stronger.Alot of people resembles him with the forth Hokage.In the manga it is tolled that Naruto is the yodaimes(4 Hokage) son well wasn't that pretty clear I mean they realy look alike and Naruto is so strong like him.But Naruto still dosen't know that he is the forth's son oh come on Naru I want u to know
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