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Ikuto Tsumiyo
Ikuto is a realy awesome and cute Neko boy yeah so don't say rude comments about him.Ikuto is a boy who wants the Embryo to obtain his freedom.His Character Transformation is known as "Black Lynx".His Shugo Chara is Yoru and has the form of a cat.This could possibly be because Ikuto wants his freedom and cats are free.He is actually 3 or 4 years older than Amu, as he told Amu on chapter 28 that he was going to be a 3rd year senior and she was just starting middle school.At first he is called "nekomimi hentai cosplay otoko" ( lit. perverted cat-ears cosplay guy) by Amu.Ikuto has sensitive ears, like Amu. He possesses the "Dumpty Key", which is the other pair of the "Humpty Lock" owned by Amu.He is Utau's elder brother.He signed a contract with Easter and is looking for the Embryo,an egg that will grant any wish. Its because of that he becomes an enemy to Amu, but privately he helps Amu in the shadows. In the latest chapters, his relationship with Amu has taken a turn for the better. He has even said that he is "interested" in her.
In episode 29 Utau says to Amu that Ikuto likes Amu. And in chapter 28, Amu asks him if he has someone he loves and he answers, "It's you". She takes it as a joke but when Utau tells her that he was not lying, she realizes that Ikuto was being honest.
Ikuto can play the violin.oh and he is 17 years old

Pics from Ikuto:

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