quick question about the movies
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Posted 2/3/09 , edited 2/3/09
Do any of them actually follow suite with the magnas or do they all have no real ties to it was curious to know if it was worth my time to try and d/l them and watch them but i hate fillers and stuff that doesnt actually follow the story line. althou if enough peps say there worth watching then i guess ill give em a try
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Posted 2/4/09
huuuuuuh.... in the beginning, i kinda not understand what u're talking bout.... but, i understand what r u trying to say...
for the animation, it's not Oda who have full work on it... they have it's own producer and script writer... and they always think bout plans that gonna make the anime a bit interesting and have a flow, such as fillers, special episodes, etc... other words, all the things that not showed on manga is not originally came from Oda or OP's storyline... they also can change the plot on the arc at anytime, just to get the story more better than in the manga...

all the anime doesn't have to be same as the manga itself... just like the anime version of FullMetal Alchemist, the anime production is so different than in the manga...
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