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Posted 2/3/09 , edited 2/3/09
the only reason i have long hair is because i have more hair on the left side of my head than my right side(and its really obvious!) and so my bangs and long hair cover my right side

im asian but i dont even do my hair, not straighten or colour, its all natural XD, though its dark brown, it turns light brown during the day so i always get 'did u dye ur hair?'
its medium long and i use my moms shampoo so i basically have womens hair
the bright side is its nice and bouncy LOLOL and if it messes up i just shake my head and it comes back to formation
my friends think i have really nice hair and when ponytailed(short little stub) ppl say i look prettier than most girls HAAA

so im just wondering if anyone else also has long hair to cover something up
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