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Is Taiwan belong to China?
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26 / F / rollosroomofweapo...
Posted 4/28/11 , edited 7/28/12

Everyone can keep saying NO to deny the poor truth, but it is true....Taiwan kinda does. If Taiwan goes independent, we get shot down by missiles aimed at the island.

I revise my thinking. Taiwan cannot call itself "Taiwan" internationally, so it is to remain China Taiwan. It still belongs (figuratively) to China as much as the Taiwanese denies. Taiwan is a democratic country, yes, it has its own government system, yes but in order to ensure that mass chaos doesn't ensue, Taiwan has a strong link with China. Taiwan's history goes deep, it's a good topic to research ^__^ Take a look at it.
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Posted 5/7/11
No... but china was claiming that taiwan is one of their provinces...
Posted 5/22/11
no because taiwan is too cool to belong to china!
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Posted 6/5/11
it really depends on what time frame you are looking at.

Here is some more information.
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23 / F / U.S
Posted 6/29/11 , edited 6/29/11
nope. becuz the majority in taiwan doesn't want to unite with china. really, you can't force a whole country to do what they don't want to do.
it's like saying america is still part of england and hungary is still part of austria.

but we can not claim ourselves independent or else china will shot their missles, yes the missles, at our tiny little island

still there is a quote, "you can restrain one's body but you cannot restrain one's mind and heart"
inside, all taiwanese still think of themselves as independent and china can't change that.
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30 / M / Taipei, Tokyo, an...
Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/13/11
My Taiwanese passport is GREEN not RED. So no I am not Chinese. I am Taiwanese.

I also agree with the person who posted before me.
Posted 9/11/11
NAO! we're japanese D:<

jks,, we were :L then we went independed
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27 / F / Cebu,Philippines
Posted 11/3/11
in the way back years...kinda...really...
Posted 1/9/12
Posted 2/14/12
97' Conrad/Chinese Boxxing against Chinese Owned San Fransisco / Hooters - Listed As Foreign Issue / 87' Armed Service Band - Look Alike - Kid Biker / Lips .
Posted 5/2/12
I am not sure since I do not actively follow the political news about it. I have noticed that when I mail packages to my grandparents, who live in Taiwan, a part of their address has 'Republic of China or R.O.C.' included on it so does that mean Taiwan is a part of China? I don't know. Anyone care to share their knowledge, would appreciate it.

I know my parents get very defensive when talking about whether Taiwan is a part of China or not and also very insulted when people categorize them as 'China people' because they were born in Taiwan and their ancestors and descendents were Taiwanese, and they respectively believe that the Taiwanese are very different from the Chinese.
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24 / F / Konoha
Posted 7/23/12
It is an independent country and should stay that way.
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Posted 7/26/12
Taiwan is called "Republic of China" because back in the days China did not have anyone speaking for them to the outside world since the government did not care about anything but themselves. So Taiwan spoke for the rest of the world on China behalf (Taiwan would get ambassadors to China to ask what they need or want and tell the outside world mostly United States). Later China found out since they pay workers rock and dirt , they could get other countries to send the business there so the goverment can be even more weathltyer.

So yes. Taiwan is their own place because .... we just are better
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17 / F / California, USA
Posted 10/21/12
Taiwan doesn't belong to China ANYMORE xP
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23 / F / Parallel Mooniverse
Posted 11/8/12
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