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Posted 12/26/09

Name:Ritsuka Aiko
Age: 14
Crush: none now
What you are:vampire/neko
Specialty:control people
Posted 4/11/10
Name: Hell
Age: 13 human years 1313 in Demon years
Personality: Bratty, aloof, can be nice (Lie), Bad ass, WAS youngest overlord
Crush: No way!
What You Are: Demon, Succubus, Fallen Overlord, Oracle
Specialty: See Future, extremely smart, has only few remains of overlord powers
Me before being Overlord

Me as Overlord

Me when the other damn overlords turned on me and took most of my powers and changed my sexy form to a little kid!

Name: Vel
What he is: Black Angel Cat
About him: He was a live i made from the souls of a raven, a cat and a human...he is loyal and kind to me

Name: Elli
What she is: a nano machine
About her: Elli has 2 forms one she uses just 1 walk around in and the other for combat. i just developed her so her speaking isnt that clear, alot of the time she she messes up on at shes trying 2 say... im still workin on it tho
Form 1

Form 2
Posted 4/14/10 , edited 4/14/10
User: Luka_Luka_Night_Fever

Name: Whinny
Age: 15
Personality: Nice, Caring, respectful, clumsy
Crush: none
What I am: A musical spirit
Specialty: Uses the Light Energy to fight, she commands the spirits with her voice and electric piano
Name: Vermillion
Age: 15
Personality: Rude mean, quiet, lone wolf
Crush: none
What I am: A musical spirit
Specialty: Uses the Dark Force to fight, he commands the spirits with his voice and electric guitar
110 cr points
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22 / F / France, England a...
Posted 6/30/10
User: Monka_the_great

Name: Sky
Personality: Funny,shy, loyal to her friends, original... but can be angry very easily.Likes to be by herself sometimes.
Crush: none for the moment.
What am i: Shapeshifter/Witch.
Specialty:Uses Spells and potions ,shapeshifter
Pics: human form:

Favorite form for battle as well:

270 cr points
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21 / F / california or am I
Posted 2/22/12
Name: Korin
Age: 15 [in vampire years]
Personality: quiet, stubborn, easily annoyed, loyal, kind but also mean at points
Crush: Nobody yet
What you are: half human/vampire
Specialty: strength, agility, reads minds, and can control any creatures with direct eye contact
Human Form:

Vampire Form:
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