Which plan do you like?
Posted 2/4/09
Dear Students,

I want all of you to know that some of the dorms are not that active, as we can see. I'd like to take everyone's permission for this. The dorm buildings will be combined as Hey! Say! BEST dorm building and Hey! Say! 7 dorm building. The Dorms will be changed as classrooms and some positions will be affected when we will replace some of the Dorm Head's position as Class Advisers and mentors as Prefect. We're also going to have the chance to elect the right Dorms heads from the previous ones. I need all of your decisions within the next 3 days and after that, I'll take everyone's vote and act the approved plan. So, please cooperate with us and we only want to make the group more livelier. Thank you.

Posted 2/4/09
oops! wrong type so sorry! hihihi!
Posted 2/4/09
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