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37 / M / Somewhere on this...
Posted 2/4/09
Well since it's a bit slow for news, thought I'd add a new topic and am amazed we haven't addressed it!

What is YOUR favorite theme song? This includes ones from past or present, ones used just for PPVs, tributes or the TV shows like RAW, Smackdown and ECW, and so forth!

For me for TV shows I liked the Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson for Smackdown (anything's better than today's song used) and found the nice funny video clip mix at the end of the Raw vs Smackdown games when they used it. Raw's old theme by The Union Underground is good too, Across the Nation.

For PPVs I liked My Way by Kid Rock (he also had a good tribute song shown a lot at house shows in the past), Bring me Back to Life by Evanescence (before they were big) and Big Time by Peter Gabriel was OK too. Tribute songs I adore My Sacrifice by Creed, and Finger Eleven's One Thing.

From the past as I skim my old CDs I liked Bret Hart's theme, HBK's Sexy Boy, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase's song, even if I don't like HH I do like his Motorhead choice of themes like "The Game", "King of Kings" and the one used for Evolution, Trish Stratus who had Lil' Kim's Keys to the City, Latino Heat for the late Eddie Guerrero along with "Lie, Cheat And Steal" for Los Guerreros, Benoit's song by Our Lady Peace-Whatever, Rob Van Dam's song by Breaking Point-One of a Kind, Edge's current theme and his older one by Rob Zombie-Never Gonna Stop Me, CM Punk's current theme, Undertaker's old theme and his Limp Bizkit one-Rolllin', the old Hardy Boyz theme, Chrisitan's themes like his opera one "At Last I'm on my own" and his last one "Close your Eyes", Victoria's song by Tatu "All the Things She Said", Sunny's old theme, Demolition's awesome metal homage theme, Chris Jericho's Break the Walls and sort of liked his Fozzy version, and Randy Orton's multiple themes including his current one by Rev Theory-Voices.

Give your favorites and I'm sure you'll cover many different types as we all got favorites.

ALSO if you want, talk about which song you'd want to enter to! I know if I could, I'd choose either Close your Eyes, You Think you Know Me (Edge), or even something not used right now like Beastie Boys' Sabotage (which I got on my profile's playlist along with other songs!). Enjoy!
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35 / M / Auckland New Zealand
Posted 2/4/09
Great topic trigun,I'm not up with most of the Raw/Smackdown themes so don't have a favourite of those but as far as the wrestlers entrance music goes.

Andy's fav from the 80s-mid 90's
Hitman-Bret Hart
Unstable-Ultimate Warrior
Its all about the money-Million dollar man
Disel Blues-Diesel
Pomp and Circumstance-Macho Man Randy Savage
Ode to Joy-HHH blue blood gimmick theme

Attitude era -Now
Are you Ready-DX
Stone Cold's theme
Enough is Enough-Owen Hart
If you smell...-The Rock
Burned,Slow Chemicel-Kane
Rest in Peace,Ministry,Your gonna Pay-The Undertaker
The Brood's theme
Hardyz theme
No more words-Jeff Hardy's current theme
Break the walls down-Jericho
My Time,Time to Play the game-HHH
619-Rey Mysterio
Here comes the money-Shane McMahon
Lie,Cheat,Steel-Eddie Gurrero
You think you know me,Never gonna stop and current theme-Edge
CM Punk's theme
Its Time-Hurricane Helms previous one
Sexy Boy-HBK
Burn in my light,Voices-Randy Orton
Line in the sand-Evolution

Those would be my favs off the top of my head.If I had to come out to one i'd come out to the following
Its Time or Edge;s current theme and if to a non WWE i'd chose All along the watchtower by Jimmi Hendrix

Looking foward to seeing what others have.
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117 / M / Stars
Posted 2/5/09
ortan new and old entrance .
kelly entrance .
candice michelle entrance.
royal rumble 09 theme - Let it rock. !
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26 / M / Winnipeg, Manitob...
Posted 2/18/09
S.O.S Collie Buddz - Kofi Kingston
Voices - Rev Theory (Randy Orton)
No More Words - Jeff Hardy
To be Loved - Papa Roach (Raw Theme)
Jack Swagger - On Your Knees
This Fire Burns - Killswitch Engage (CM Punk)
Christian - Just Close Your Eyes (The New Latest One by James A. Johnston and Story of the Year)
Line in the Sand - Evolution
Are You Ready? - DX Theme
Here Comes the Money - Shane McMahon
Ain't No Stoppin Me - Shelton Benjamin
MVP - I'm Comin - Silkk the Shocker
Ready to Roll - Jet Black Stare
Propane Nightmares - Pendulum (Cyber Sunday 08')
Priceless - Rhodes & DiBiase

and dang, I got more... but stopping there XD
Posted 2/24/09
i'd say randy orton's music. um...its voices-rev theory. but hbk's musics is kinda catchy too and so is cena's. lol.
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27 / M / MA, United States
Posted 2/25/09
Edge's theme.
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Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/27/09
Dean Malenko-Post Radicalz
Al Snow-Heel Theme(not Head)
nWo-Greatest Theme Ever
Triple H-My Time(1999-2000 Theme)
Randy Orton-Voices
Hardy Boyz-Loaded
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24 / M / Norcross, GA, US
Posted 4/11/09
christian's new theme so far is good, jeff hardy, cm punk, evan bourne and randy orton voices
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23 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/17/09
My Time is Now , Basic Thuganomics - John Cena
Voices - Randy Orton
S.O.S. - Kofi Kingston
Just Close Your Eyes Remix - Christian
Ain't No Make Believe - John Morrison
I'm Comin' - MVP
On Your Knees - Jack Swagger
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27 / M / Denham Springs,Lo...
Posted 4/27/09
Voices hands down
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F / where you want me...
Posted 5/7/09
Jeff hardy's old theme
Matt hardy's
Randy orton's new and old
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26 / F
Posted 5/11/09
voices-not xur of the title- randy orton
jeff hardy's

and i cant really hear the music...i can sometimes catch up wd the fight
Posted 10/22/09
the rock's (even though he's gone >.<)
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24 / M / Sunny SoCal
Posted 11/25/09
the best entrances were Eddie Guerreros and ALSO THE UNDERTAKER has them now
Posted 12/14/09
Rey mysterio
mick foley
the rock
jeff hardy
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