Official Episode 15 Thread
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Posted 2/4/09
Episode 15: "Really Dangerous Family Vacation"

This week, the girls are off to an inn on a lake for a vacation. By coincidence, both girls end up at the same inn with their families for a vacation. Nagisa and Honoka hear of a legend about the island, that a young maiden was sad over the loss of two warrior friends who fought over her and were both killed, and in her sadness turned her into a pine tree, which is still there on the island. Her friends' armor were placed in two shrines beside the tree. It's said that if you go to the tree and pray at sunset, your wish will be granted. So the girls sneak away and head out to the island to try to get their wish. Trouble ensues...

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Posted 7/14/09
Please use "Pretty Cure Anime Discussion" thread.

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