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Posted 2/4/09 , edited 2/7/09
HI GUYS I'M------- MrAZ, the Skip Beat World Creator! Nice to meet you all!
I LOVE------- Angelina Jolie to pieces, because she's a mirror image of my personality. Guns, cars, fruits, sleeping, reading manga- Skip Beat! and all anime/manga related to the realities of music bands, show business, cars and fashion (like NANA, Paradise Kiss, etc.), music! I learn how to play: piano, guitar, flute, a little bit of saxophone and violin (I choose guitar and piano since I own those, the rest are from the school), and my Skip Beat World Crew! They're cool, and love me and their work. We're very few but one true team: hardwork and love, cooperation and trust.
WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY------- my Crew when they're done with their work, because they're so dedicated it makes me feel very proud to have them. Check their posts! When I've watched Skip Beat! manga and anime on time, cars that I've just seen in updated sites, my loved one---yeah I have a man in real life and my family, and yes! TEASING my family and friends especially when they're not in the mood (I always do it when they're like that and I don't care, bwahahaha) until they can't hold on any longer and just burst their steam--it's scary but it's fun because that's the only time I let my guard down--I'm not frank when they are serious!
I GET MAD IN HEAT STEAM/ I HATE IT WHEN------ a car/ cars suddenly overtake me at such speed at a close distance---I really push my horn at that stupid idiot! Because it's very dangerous and that act is very prone to car accidents, especially when they're at the center of the lanes--that drives me crazy! People who are really liars (you can tell when they are-body language, eye contact, etc)especially when they are cheerful at you but yet you can really tell they don't feel like it to smile and be happy at you. I rather have you talk to me frankly than facing me with that chinese-looking eyes at me.

"So what's yours? Tell us about yourself! And welcome to our group!"

Note: Follow the first words highlighted in purple so it'll be shorter and faster for you! Once you're done, say:

"So what's yours? Tell us about yourself! And welcome to our group!"
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Posted 2/19/09 , edited 2/20/09
Hi MrAZ!!
HI GUYS I'M ---- Tsubamechi I've got pictures down, and put up the Author's notes! hope I get to know all of you better!
I LOVE----- the colours green and blue. My pets (Luda, Whiskey, goldfish, and Babe), my friends (like fellow moderators/creator MrAZ, LadySasha, and izumi!!), SKIP BEAT, and other anime/manga (I've currently fallen in love with Earl and Fairy and Tokyo Crazy Paradise and more!, Ren-chou, frogs and turtles, honesty and open-mindedness.
WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY---- Making new friends! like in Skip Beat World!, discussing hot topics and debates, pretty artwork, music, Karaoke, birthday parties, shopping with friends, and laughing.
I HATE IT WHEN---- someone is lying, dishonest, and is close-minded. disloyalty, oddly enough, I can't eat peaches. they are pretty and sweet, but I can't eat them..??( my "hates" were getting to serious...I dont' want to scare anyone away..), I honestly have to say this. I've had ENOUGH with vampires. I'm sorry.

"So what's yours? Tell us about yourself! And welcome to our group!"
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Well, following you guys....

HI GUYS, I'M------ ~Lady Sasha~. I've got the manga absolutely covered (it can't see a peek of light anywhere.) You need to know what chapter something came from, I can tell you. And since I know the plot like almost by heart, I've covered the anime good as well. So I hope you'll take care of me! *bows*
I LOVE------ Manga (with a solid or romantic plot ), anime (solid plot, romance, comedies ), books (again, solid plot or romance ). my goodness, I wouldn't be here if I didn't *LOVE* Skip Beat!, but I think everyone here knows how much I LOVE Ren. hmmm. Writing....designing clothes...laughing...singing (even though I can't)....
WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY----- WRITING. Fantasizing, reading manga that I enjoy (my goodness, how do you think I know Skip Beat! by heart) I LOVE talking about Skip Beat too, that's why I love my chicks MrAZ, Tsubame and Izumi....I like critique too... Ooh. Every night, I get like five or six of these little moths (tropical island folks) and I like protecting them from my brother who would spray anything with six legs just for fun (they are really cute though... maybe I'm having a nerd moment. ). So I usually end up with a moth on my shoulder cuz he won't dare spray me . I like liming with my friends (trini slang. I suppose the equivalent is just being with my friends wherevere we are), going to the cinema, eating out <3, dolling up and wowwing people, learning languages and days when I can laze around.
I HATE IT WHEN----- someone is wrong and strong (do you understand? It's a slang down here), people are overly close-minded , argue a moot point , or expect others to pick up after them (I'm a 19 year old living with two slobs. I swear I'll kill myself soon )

I think I used too many of thse emoticons...

"So what's yours? Tell us about yourself! And welcome to our group!"
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