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Post Reply [Game] What If...?
Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/29/09
I would beg him to get help. And stay by his side. Until the very end. T____T

What if your fine boy was a THUG?
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Posted 5/31/09 , edited 6/1/09

that would be bad i guess.. hmm..
i'll held a press conference and tell the press and the public that my FINE BOY was a THUG..

oopss.. just kidding..

well i'll do my very best to make him change for his own sake..

"What if" you found out that your FINE BOY is an INCLEMENT?
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Posted 7/13/09 , edited 7/13/09
Hmm... I don't know.... I would tell him to change or better say I will make him change

What if you would find out your Fine Boy is raising a child by himself?
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Posted 1/31/10 , edited 1/31/10
If I find out my Hyesungiie is raising a child by himself, I'll find a way to get us married quickly so I can help him take care of the child as a mother figure ^o^ (yeah, impossible i know there's like a LARGE age gap but it's creative at least? x])

What if your Fine Boy is hogging the playstation while you're playing too?
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