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Posted 2/5/09
Re: honestly disgraceful

> check it out
> a super junior anti youtube account
> i dont know but has anyone seen this?
> to be honest i don't know when people have the time to do such lame things.
> burning a picture of kibum is one thing talking trash about them is another but why?
> their talentless?
> is that all you can give me?
> what their all fags?
> quote-"SUJU sucks!!! Heechul looks like a damn girl! He even kissed guys(still counting)!!! Sungmin is a fag for letting heechul kiss him. They're all so talentless (except for some).. no wonder SNSD sucks as well, they are the girl version after all.. they don't even have the looks in the first place!! SJ sucks all the way."
> is that all?
> honestly i don't know how they even have a life....even i dont do that. i'm not an anti of anyone if i honestly don't like them i'll keep it to myself. becoming an anti does it impact anyone? does it make make people realize their dreams? does it encourage anyone. No. Its a selfish thing to do. I truely hate antis but I don't go and make an account about it. I let them be because whatever they say won't affect me in anyway on how much I love SUJU and will always will. I don't know if anyone has heard about this user but even I've had enough. If I like something that you don't particularly like well so what I don't tell you how much I hate what you like. Its your opinion I know but its just to much and boring now, get on with your life.
> I hate stooping low but go to the account maybe blocking him/her will get her account deleted. I know it won't stop him/her from making a new one but so what.
> quote-"I don't know why you all have the time to bash about us. It is not your business that we hate them and what we do. So if you're just going to comment bad things about us just back off. "
> then how come you do?
> please send around to your friends stop these antis from making a jerk out of themselves.

From: fouf
thnx fouf..XD
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