Really Bored
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Posted 2/5/09 , edited 2/5/09
Well... Really bored these days, just waiting for new episodes of anime to come out.
Made this forum, well my friend made it really. So what does everyone else do? School also started for me again. Being the math freak, the math I'm doing seems like for retarded kids that don't only have a mental problem. Anyway people's arm muscles in my class are huge, most of them have ones that are 16-17 cm high, and around 14-15 wide... Gotta keep doing my pull ups. So what have you been up to? And for the freaks that report everything, that site above is there so people can see my friend's hard work, don't go around reporting everything please. Also Mods. Please Respond to PMs, Why are most mods, mods anyway. You must send 10-30 PMs to get a retarded reply, that doesn't even have anything to do with the messages you sent, Please Actually read the messages, don't just skim and see words like, Help, Retarded, Chasing, Stalking, Rape. Even though the first thing you come up with is that some one that requires help from retarded people that is chasing that person. It may be something completely different, for example:
Like "HELP me use the forum, the buttons are RETARDED, i have to go CHASING all the buttons to click them. Also this dude called 'STALKING1232132' is not following the rules. I used a RAPplE to climb a wall today."
And message to shinji, add a programing or computer selection to the forums. It will attract all the geeks.
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Posted 2/5/09
i am bored to read all the details..
i just read the last part..

you are right!
shinji should improve CR!
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Posted 2/5/09
This thread is too random... please don't make a general topic like this. We have a suggestions thread for all your rants. As far as PMing a moderator is concerned, your suggestions will result in naught if you talk to anyone but a site administrator (i.e. sous chefs). The volunteer mods can only do as much as helping you with your concerns, but as far as forwarding ideas to Shinji is concerned, then that might be a different story.

And even if you do PM the sous chefs, it's not guaranteed that you'll get an immediate response.


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