Posted 2/5/09
I love the game, but those server crashers/item duplicating people are just..
They're ruining RF, I ask a dupper to let him show me his items, and then, there goes a Strong intense +7 Dark FR set level 55[lowered to level 50 since it's a type C]
more than 1 bag of 99 pcs keen/mercy/favor/darkness/grace talics
+7 SI/PI Hora bow,spear, and staff
a +6 AC JP[anti crit jet pack]- which is really hard to upgrade, I've tried it 4 times with my -legit- items, but I only managed to get a +1.
Burts pots[a php item]
Elan boss TP's
Over upgraded elems 30.25[originally a 25.20-the max for elems which are -dropped- by certain mobs]
much more they ruined the balance on our economy in game, prices at UTS are way too high for us players who don't dup/doesn't know how to dup/doesn't want to dup.
If only CCR allows levelupgames [philippines] to add updates/remove the rollback everytime the server goes down, etc, this would've been solved already >_<

CCR-A developer, specifically a game developer, is a person or business involved in game development, the process of designing and creating games.
levelupgames/RF Philippines-Publishers, on the other hand, are the ones responsible for making the game available for public use.
asking why I posted this here, and why not on our forums?..there are a lot of threads like these already at the RF message board >_<, i want to add one here :3
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Posted 12/28/09
LUG's way of managing RFO-ph is no different than our government running our country.

And about the overinflated UTS prices, it can easily remedied using RMT though the risk might be high but the payoff is big.
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