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38. ok here's another fact, see this and u'll realise how much yunho is hunger for jj kiss, it was in 2004 and i think he didnt confess to jaejae how does he feel just like thief trying to steal something wothout getting busted! XD

39. Both the Yunjae love to feed each other food

40. Yunho has always declare that he loves caring "girl" who are caring and do little things like pick up dust from his clothes. Jae is very conscious of Yunho's dressing. He's always out to make sure that Yunho's clothes are in perfect order. He even tried to cleaned off the stain from Yunho's suit during the Press Conference at Paragon Thailand. It's not the only case taht Jae has tried to groom Yunho.

41. Yunho confesses to Jae in on national radio (I think it's through Bigeast? Anyone can add on to this?)

42. Jae said that sometimes, Jae is uncomfortable with Yunho and that Yunho is getting into ideas with him sometimes. And Junsu went to say that Jae is causing big trouble! so lol! Junsu is kinda confirming the whole Yunjae is real!!

43. Yunho thinks that Jae is sexy

44. Yunho is always very attune to what Jae likes. Jae said before that he liked elephant and during their Press Conference at Paragon Thailand, Yunho immediately pull out a red elephant from his pocket and gave it to Jae!!

45. Yunho is always concerned for Jae's welfare. In Happy Together, Jae is the only one who received a cooling drink from Yunho after he's out from the scorchingly hot sauna room. Yunho even jumped back into the pool to accompany Jae even though he was just in the pool earlier

46. Jaejoong and Yunho stick together like glue.
As proven

47. *yunjae* hero taking care of yunho

Changmin and Yoochun was telling the one recording the clip how cold it is. Yoochun was the one who told Jae that Yunho was feeling cold. Jae removed his jacket and wrapped it around Yunho. Yunho hugged Jae in return. Changmin and Yoochun were smiling after Jae takes care of Yunho.

48. *yunjae* japan moments

At the first part, after Jae said "i love you" to Yunho, Jae was trying to fix the position of Yunho's head. It should be diagonal. But whenever he tries to touch Yunho's face, Yoochun taps him at the legs as if to say "STOP."

49. *yunjae* yunho likes jaejoong

*u-know yunho*: I see everyone all the same, like at the same level.
*DBSK and others*: honestly? honestly, please.
*u-know yunho*: honestly? honestly, the one i really like is.. the one i really liked is Hero JaeJoong.
*max changmin*: i thought so!

50. *yunjae* hug on radio air

When Jae kiss Yunho on the cheeks at the end of the clip, Changmin wasn't shocked and was not even laughin at all. He's smiling so big....

51. *yunjae* hero describing how yunho hugs

Jaejoong was describing how Yunho hugs and suddenly got embarassed. Changmin looked up to Yoochun, who immediately changed the topic.

52. *yunjae* caring yunho

I don't know if Jae was sick or sad at this clip but notice that Yoochun made a way for Jaejoong to go near Yunho and hold Yunho's hand.

53. *yunjae* helping yunho eat

Yoochun and Jae was pointing the food they like Yunho to taste. Yoochun let Jae be the one to move Yunho's hand. When Jae was trying to help Yunho eat, I noticed Changmin said something to Jae quickly.

54. *yunjae* saranghamnida

When Yunho said "saranghamnida" facing Jae, Changmin backed out a little for that.

55. *yunjae* most passionate hug

When Yunho hugged Jae, Yoochun didn't stop talking so as to attract the attention of the viewers.

56. *yunjae* jae said iloveyou to yunho

Jae kept saying "I love you" while Changmin kept saying "we love you." Then he smiled when Jae said "I love you" in english with a sweet tone.

57. *yunjae* wedding

DBSK were asked to perform a wedding. Yoochun immediately picked Jae and Yunho as the couple. Jae was trying to convince Changmin to take part but Changmin won't be convinced.

58. *yunjae* yunho rushed to injured jae

Yoochun was helping Jae get to his sit. But when Yunho rushed in to help Jae, Yoochun entrusted the helpless Jae to Yunho.

59. *yunjae* oh jaejoong

Changmin checked Jaejoong's reaction.

60. *yunjae* date with observation

DBSK was asked who would they like to have a relationship with if they were a girl. Changmin said that it's a very tough question while looking at Jaejoong. When Junsu, who's unaware of Jaeho, said that he felt disgusted just by thinking of it. When Changmin heard Junsu's comment he laughed but looked at Jae with pitty.

Yoochun answered first. His answer is Jaejoong but he's looking at Yunho first before answering. When Yoochun looked at Yunho, Jae said that he already knew who Yoochun picked. Jaejoong tought that Yoochun liked Yunho that's why Jae pushed him. But I think Yoochun looked at Yunho to ask permission.

Yunho answered that for him any member would be fine. Changmin and Yoochun both looked up to each other then they both glanced at Jae, who pouted after. After Yunho answered he added "except for Yoochun."

It's time for Jae to answer. He's not yet saying anything but YooMin were already looking at Yunho.
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