share random info about your favorite celeb..
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i'll start with

i read somewhere that ryo admitted that he was the most perverted among the News member..

he is very emotional that he cries over movies, reading manga and eating delicious food..

he hates chocolates!!

now it's your turn guys.. share some random facts about your fave celeb!!
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Toda Erika's childhood dream was to be a comedian. B)

Yamapi hates whipped cream. (so do I, actually)
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Posted 2/7/09
Ikuta toma is a big fan of Backstreet boys.!!!
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Posted 2/7/09
MAX Changmin

He is the tallest, the youngest, and the members call him the most mature in the group.

He is known to talk less, and eat more.

His personal replies to fans on a Korean celebrity website "UFO" are popular on the internet.

He now has 2 piercings (one in left ear, one in right ear) which he got recently.

His childhood dream was to be tv announcer.

His favorite color is purple.
(credits and soompi)
Posted 2/7/09

♥Sakurai Sho♥

*likes to read before going to bed.
*doesn’t feel comfortable or confident taking his shirt off for photo shoots.
*likes to surf the Internet on his free time.
*doesn’t eat between meals.
*ideal girlfriend: sweet, simple, smart-dressed (i.e. no skimpy clothes), non-smoker, non-celebrity with intelligence and an independently thinking mind.

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Posted 2/7/09

garcon wrote:

Ikuta toma is a big fan of Backstreet boys.!!!

hahaha... that's so gay.. but cute
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Posted 2/7/09
Jang Geun Seok

Hobbies: listening to music, snowboarding, skiing, singing, dancing
Treasure: Family, Playstation
Favourite Color: Blue, Ivory White
Specialty: Skiing, Snowboarding
Favourite Food: Spicy food, 게장 - GeJang(marinated raw crabs)
Favourite Fruit: Pineapple
Ideal Partner: Honest, Cute, woman with great sense of dressing (I hope he'll see me as this. LOL)
What is the first feature that you look in a woman: Eyes
What do you hear most from opposite gender: You are so cute
Favourite possession: Clothes, Accessories
Motto: Nothing is impossible!

Yuu Shirota

Nickname: U-kun, Shiroro, Shiropon, Shirotan, Yuu-ani
Dexterity: Left-handed
Favorite Sports: Soccer
Favorite Food: Chocolate, rice cookies
Close Friends:tomohisa Yamashita (Since High School), Jin Akanishi,Ikuta Toma
Place He'd Like to Go on Vacation: America
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Posted 2/7/09
Yamapi loves Dolce and Gabbana Boxers/Undies
speaking of that in a magazine article most JE's said they prefer Dolce and Gabbana's the most xD
Ryo loves/has a crush on Leah Dizon. Wonder how he felt when he found out she was pregnant lol
Toma does loves the Backstreet Boys! i do too(:
Aya Ueto wanted to be a kindergarden teacher.
Erika Sawajiri's real name is Kaoru Amane.
edit later for more(:
Posted 2/7/09

Jaejoong wants to marry a fan- he believes that he`ll end up marrying a fan anyway.
He likes to look at mirror so do not by any chance take away his mirror!
He hate it when people say he is pretty, he want people to regards him as handsome/cool, not pretty as pretty is for girls.
He sleeps naked
Once during a Coca-cola drinking competition he fainted after drinking coca-cola so now he has a phobia against coca-cola!
When he gets very excited he will start to speak in native slang.
Jaejoong dropped out of highschool.
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