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Posted 2/5/09 , edited 2/5/09
has anyone you loved in your life broken you heart?
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Posted 2/8/09
No but you know when you met someone and once you talk to them even though they smile all the time and generally act happy but you know they are missing something vital to their humanity? thats me, because even though i want people to think i am all fine and happy i am not.. What i am missing is the need to feel loved by another person and the need to love someone else I am incapable of feeling love or affection for someone else. I don't trust anyone, i don't love anyone, and i don't need anyone. But i don't hate anyone
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Posted 2/13/09
actually i didn't like him until he DID break my heart xD kinda complicated situation, ya kno wat i mean?
Posted 5/5/09
Yes....But im still not over it....People think im happy ppeople thing im over him.
But to me i cant smile without that sad look in my eyes,i cant laugh with that broken tone,and i cant love till it is proven.
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