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boys before flowers characters(all version)
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Posted 2/6/09
i still like meteor garden above the rest. it's raw. most of the scene were from the manga with a "taiwanese" flavor in it. i just love their school scenes, date scenes and their residences. It's seems real and spacious. Not just a set where they set up everything.

with regards to the characters:
doumyoji tsakasa: i'm so crazy about the way jerry yan and lee min ho (*sigh*) portrayed doumyoji tsukasa .... the arrogance, hilarious antics, annoying to the max, his cute childish acts, but still you can't take away the fact that he is loyal to his friends, loves makino in his own extraordinary way, would do/go out of his way to please makino and has a weird but cool relationship with his sister ^_^ i've started watching hana yori dango korean, i think that lee min ho has some similarities in acting with jerry yan. or is it that they've internalized the character well? oh well, just my honest observation.

makino tsukushi: i just love all the actresses that acted the character. with barbie xu and inoue mao, they were able to portray tsukushi's feistiness. with koo hye sun, she was able to portray the makino in the manga. especially the part when she was standing beside shizuka (han chae young) at the party.

lastly hanazawa rui: *dreamy look* who wouldn't fall in love with the actors they've gotten for this character? vic zhou, shun oguri and kim hyun joon. they are all hawt! hawt! hawt! they are all perfect for the role. they have these mysterious aura that will draw you in. kinda like you wanna know more about this guy.

Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/6/09
I think Ga Eul is really pretty
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Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/6/09
From MG, I think I saw more chemistry with the bond of friendship the F4 had or is suppose to have.(does that make sense?)
In BOF [korean], I see little chemistry but it's slowly developing..

So far, I LOVE all the main leads. Dao Ming Si, Domyouji and GJP.
They all give off the vibe of rich, arrogant, lonely, spoiled, violent (when reasonable) childish -yet sweetest, and [filtered words..]

As for the second male lead, I will always remember Rui.
Oguri Shun definetely PWNED that character.
and it was only in this version, I wanted to see him end up with Makino? (i forgot her name..)

Inoue Mao is my favorite female lead btw. She kicked @ss man!

~edit: How can i forget Ga Eul and Kibum's love storyline?! They're so cute.
Rainie & Ken's come to a close second.

I love each versions soundtrack!
But most memorable theme song would be Qing Fei Di Yi (cause it's the first taiwanese song i tried to memorize lol.)
Stand by me comes to a close second.
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Posted 2/6/09
i like the korean rui best

kim hyun joong got the heartmelting aura

i like jp domiyoujii best

jun got the character in his blood

for the female lead best frd, i still like taiwan version

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Posted 2/6/09
i love kim hyun joong!! and also oguri shun~!
i think that gaeul and Joon Pyo 's sister from the korean version is very pretty
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Posted 2/6/09
i love junpyo and jandi characters in BBF...they're freakin' have to watch behind the scene of BBF in youtube
u have to see how much leeminho's effort to potrayed the best for junpyo's character...they're even ice in the pool !
he's such a good actor ever !
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Posted 2/6/09
gosh I really really love HYD ...nothing compares...but i also am a huge fan of meteor garden...well i respect the two shows...
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Posted 2/6/09
i know this is rather out, but... i love the chibi f4!
the one when they show chibi tsukasa stepping on chibi sakurako's drawing in the korean version.
super cute

well of course my main support goes to kimkim!
yi jung <3 ga eul
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Posted 2/6/09
Meteor Garden
Daoming Shi: Jerry Yan was perfect for that role. Here's hes a bit more cruel to Shancai than in the other versions but also alot more romantic and foolish.
Shancai: She's the beautiful version and the poor-ness is perfect. She is supposed to be dirt poor!!!
Lei: Love it when he plays the violin! Doesn't look as fake as the Kversion. And he's so cute when he does the hand-stand xD
Jing: So pretty! But I dont think she shows enough emotionsand I didn't like her new hair cut -_-
F4: Vaness is hot but what's up with the hair, Ken had good acting skills but that's prerry much it...

Hana Yori Dango
Domyoji: I really like Matsumoto Jun here. He portraits the stupid part of the character very well and is the funnies out of all the Domyoji's . Although he's too small to be Domyoji, he's supposed to be big and scary
Tsukushi: She's the cute version. And I like how her sassy-ness seems so come naturally. And her living situation is the best for me. She is REALLY poor and I like how they compare the rich-girl stuff with hers
Rui: Don't know. I love Oguri's acting but he's more handsome than cute (which is how I imagine Rui). But the emotions are great! And I really like his clothes! Except the shoes...
JV-Jing: OMG! So beautiful. really like her but she feels a bit distant and not so approachable as she should be.
F4: I love matsuda Shota, I gotta say that and he was AWESOME! And the Akira-guy was hm..OK but his family didn't make any sense to me..

Boys Before Flowers
JunPyo: Exactly how I pictures Domyoji/Daoming Shi. he's like a mix between the two. Although his lack of experience in acting shows, other than that he's perfect!
JanDi: Didn't like her at the beginning and still finding it hard to like her but she shows promise. And also, the character is too rich. They even own their own business (xD). They're supposed to be really, really poor.
JiHoo: Huge HyunJoong fan and he is awesome as this character but his acting isnt top-notch but still. The stronger emotions come out very nicely. HyunJoong, Fighting~!
KV-Jing: My favourite of them all. I'm a fan of this actress and she's so increadibly beautiful and strangely enough she suits well with HyunJoong. Also she seems to be the nicest and most approachable.
F4: KimBum and GaEul story is kinda interesting me more than the main story which isn't good for the drama but for KimBum and SoEun. KimBum is also the only character that NEVER had any ugly clothes, very fashionable and so is GaEul! The other f4 guy looks a bit too old but I like his character even though he doesn't take up that much film. He's carefree and goes with the flow, just like he should!

That's an overall review... Enjoy xD
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Posted 2/6/09

buffylyn wrote:

i still love the jap ver....
in kor ver..m more interested with yi jung and ga eul loveteam ..theyre so cute. ..they look godd togetherr..!!haaha

You said it when you ask "Why you like BOF?" the reply of almost 80%of viewers is "they are hot" I guess firstly They wonder why the lead actors love each other.
The rest .
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Posted 2/6/09
among F4 my fave characters will be in this order RUI, SOUJIRO, TSUKASA and AKIRA
among the girl characters, it's MAKINO.

Though i kinda preferred that RUIMAKINO would end up together, i'm satisfied with the ending

i only wished that the SOUJIROYUKKI story was explored more
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F / Chansung's ♥
Posted 2/6/09
Agreed. Yi Jung & Ga Eul FTW!

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Posted 2/16/09





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Posted 2/17/09
Kim Bum & Kim So Eun = Best couple!
Love Lee Min Ho and Kim Joon too :):)
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Posted 2/17/09
Taiwanese Version - Started the trend. In my honest opinion the F4 here doesnt have as much charisma as the korean version does. Jerry Yan was pretty good. Lack of acting skills for the team. Shan Cai is heaps annoying here. Always acts that she's too good for DMS. Meanwhile, her parents are funny, but can get super annoying. PLUS! Where's her brother? I've always felt that he's a huge asset to the family. Also, HZL's first love Jing (Shizuka).. yeah looks so small compared to the glamorous Han Chae Young (kversion).

Japanese Version - Funny. Need more eye candy lol. The characters can be too animated at times. But fair effort :)

Korean Version - What can i say? Honestly, best version. Great acting skills from the entire cast (even Hyun Joong is improving). Cheesy at times, but its cheesiness is a significant dynamic in the drama. Love the couples, JanDi & JunPyo - YiJung & GaEul. EYE CANDY EVERYWHERE! Great Soundtrack. Close to the manga, but has its different aspects that makes it stand out. Dramatic yet funny - Great balance. Whoever said up there that Lee Min Ho cant act.. I strongly disagree! I think he's great! His baeksang award nomination after 6 episodes is evidence for that! Han Chae Young suprisingly has great chemistry with Hyun Joong (err except the kiss, tht was kinda awkward)... Only downside is lack of KIM JOON! We need more Woo Bin!
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