Post Reply ..yaMada Is A SH*T!!!!!!
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Posted 2/5/09 , edited 2/6/09
i hate him!!!!

so MuCH..

HE's A gAy!!!!????

YUCK!!! %3
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Posted 2/8/09
i know i hate him too. he thinks he's cool but he's not. sorry to all the yamada ryosuke lovers. i hate him doesn't mean i hate all the yamada lovers so don't think i'm a mean old creep :D. Yamada's kinda mean i met him in real life
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Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
very one knows that under yamada's smiley face there is a evil face.
ppl only like yamada cause of his fat face.
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Posted 6/8/11 , edited 6/8/11
hey! don't you think you're being unfair? he's not stupid , he maybe fat but does he wish to be fat? you barely know him so you people doesn't have any right to speak ill thing about him.. as if he wants you to like him... he won't even waste his time with a bunch of people like you ! i think your a good for nothing person... BAKA
Posted 6/8/11 , edited 7/25/11
Noo..Yamada is NOT shit, this group is SHIT! I LOVE HIM ALOT!! XD ... Seeing Yamada being insulted has made me and fans gone MAD!!! i do not like seing yamada being insulted like this, so i am saying something about use haters just for YAMADA.......

would you like it when you see your favorite idols being insulted?? would you like it when you seeing your idol being called gay when they have no proof?? would you like it if someone have made a group like this and talk badly about your idol??? well i would say NO!! and this is how i feel now....U guys know nothing about HIM at all.....

I understand that everyone will have some idols you hate, but you shouldn't make such group like this....I also have alot of idols I hate but i won't make such groups, cz i know that the people who likes them, won't like people making groups and talking shit and insulting them like people did in here. Do you know how mad i am and other fans are cz of this group??? is this what use want, to make us get pissed off??? or are use trying to make us hate him? well i'm sorry even though how bad you've said about him i would still love him and will always be his fans no matter what....Even if you said hes mean I won't beleive it....I beleive that from the bottom of my heart that yamada is a nice person....

And please DON'T talk like you know why we fan like him, you don't know anything about yama-chan's fans and you said that we like him cz of his face??? then I'm sorry, i admit some fans do like him cz of his cute face, but some dont.....I also loves his cute face but what i like him about is that he is a really nice guy, and i like his dance, i like his singing, I like his acting, i like his dramas and I like his personality, and hes funny i like everything off him....

Someone said she met him in real life and said hes mean??? he probably just in a really bad mood cz theres proably something made him upset or mad, so he probably look mean cz of that, i'm sure everyone will in a bad mood sometimes won't you???? even you met him, but did you actually tried to talk to him??? your not even his friend so how would you know that hes a mean person???? you even know what hes like in private times and in backstage?? COME on! he cares about his family, friends, fans and his pets so much, and he haven't even had any fights at all with his sisters, this shows that he gets along very well with everyone....I have personally have talked to him before for a few times and he was REALLY NICE, and he always makes his fans laughed and he is always being so nice to his fans and to everyone and he does what fans asks him to do....

to the creator of this group....I don't give a shit on weather you like him or not, but your comments and the stuffs you put on your group profile have hurt ALOT of people.......And also, you said that under his smile there is a evil face??? NO HE DOES NOT!!! do you know that all the people or even nearly everyon like his fans and the people he have worked with, have all said that Yamada is a really hard working boy and said that he has the best smile ever....People who have worked him also said that he's is soooo nice nice and very honest.....i'm sure the people who have worked with him should know better than use do, so this shows yamada is NICE!

I understand that this is your group and that you can put anything on here, but if you hate someone then PLEASE keep it to yourself instead of trying to hurt so many Yama-chans fans....And also not just yamada fans but also nearly all jumps fans are sooooo dissapointed of the people who have commenting on here and the creator of this group...I have also seen some peoples profile info, and use say you like hey say JUMP??? well i want to tell you something is that YOU DONT LIKE HEY SAY JUMP! AND YOU ARE NOT A FAN!!! a Hey Say JUMP fans must like all members, even if one member is missing or being hated then it IS NOT JUMP!!! missing a member on there is like missing a letter from "Hey Say JUMP"

well maybe i think i should also say thank you to the creator, cz you made me realised on how much that i actually care and love yama-chan...and also this group it made me care and love him a lot more than i usually did.....Yamada is like one of the person I care about the most, i care about him as much as i do with my friends and family, which mean i will get very mad when people insults him so please to all haters, please mind your words, cz I'm sure that there are also many fans who also loves yama-chan alot which means they would get me for an example
Posted 6/15/11 , edited 6/16/11
Haters, eh?
Yeah, sure.
You're making him MORE famous :))
Keep it up, losers.
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