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Posted 2/5/09 , edited 2/5/09
I like the idea of giving back to the creators of the anime I'm enjoying. Many years of dattebayo being the only good subbers out there has shifted this idea somewhat and now as I seek to view shippuden 95 tonight, Im afraid ill have to go to bed wanting.

It is out by 'horriblesubs' right now but isnt here.

Something is wrong with a paid service when someone who does it for absolutely free can do it faster, (arguably) better quality/translation etc, and in a format I'm able to easily keep in my 100+ gb 'Naruto' folder...

I thought I could change with this service, maybe even feel good about myself for contributing to the splendid naruto artists, but the chewed up product of a incompetent middle-man is not what I've gotten used to in the Dattebayo years. So thanks crunchyroll, thanks for reaffirming the criminal within. >.>

p.s. Not to mention that any membership site that doesnt immediately strip away ALL ADVERTISING is a crook.
Posted 2/5/09
No complaining thread. Besides, CR isn't a rip off. CR has the company uploaded it here. In another word, the company that make Naruto is the one that does the uploading. Make sure you have enough information before posting false statement

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