So, What Comes Next???
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Posted 2/6/09
Hey everyone,

Just read Naruto 434 and, for once, the confirmed spoilers were pretty close. (If you haven't read 434 yet, don't read on...).

It's a great chapter! Though I will say that it had to come to a point where Naruto got into trouble - it was too easy thus far.

Sage Techniques are gone as Pain "bled him dry"...BUT, there IS (or was) one more clone. Has the clone disappeared (I really don't know what the answer is based on what is written)? The Toads have even disappeared/been rendered useless. Whoa! Hinata, Choji and Kiba are pretty mention of Sakura, but she can't be too happy. It can't be up to Fukasaku, can it?

What do you think will happen next? Personally, I don't believe that the fat lady is singing yet, but the band may be warming up. Here are some options am thinking about and you can disagree with me or not:

--Kakashi - so low on chakra (and possibly vital signs) is not a factor. Can someone tell me where Yamato/Tenzou is these days???

--Our Sand Village allies: would they really help out given the Konoha village ninja are telling each other to stay the hell out of the way? :fury:

--Sasuke - sorry, but I think he's out of this one (I know there are a lot of Sasuke fans out there, I don't happen to be one of them). He's got his own "agenda." Never mind, Killer Bee (8 tails) gave him a run for his money - and some embarrassment to boot.

--Villagers have to remain on the sidelines so no hope there - or is there? Tsunade as the Hokage? Choji, who's still able to move as is Hinata (Byakugan)? Shikamaru with analytical abilities - and a broken leg?

--Will Naruto's supposed capture follow through with Pain taking him and having Konoha ninja in pursuit? (I don't think this one is likely given the "weapons" that remain)?

--The five second window: that appears to be the key, in my opinion. Pain just performed Shinra Tensei twice and that has put strain on him. Any thoughts?

You can 'dis me if you want. I'm just curious as to what is being thought. No spoilers until next Thursday so...

Believe me, I am not happy that Naruto got caught. However, I am so looking forward to next week...and that color cover isn't the greatest.

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Posted 2/9/09
I left this open temporary. Please use the "Manga Discussion" thread.

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