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F / ( ^ω^) ー=y; (・ω・` )
Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/6/09
Name: yuriko
Age: 13
Family: 7
postion: lil sis
discription: usually expressionless and hard to tell wat she is thinking. She has some medical conditions with her left eye making her miss school a lot, she feels guilty cuz her medication cost a lot. She like being the youngest in her family.
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22 / F / Not with you
Posted 4/8/09
Username: aly
age: 13
family: 7
despertion: Yuuki gets in trouple in school but she is very smart. In fact she is at the top of her class. She likes to keep to herself until she meets this boy that makes her want to open up. She actually very nice person, she cares, and she is very caring. She likes to read and listen to music, she is very creative.
i will put the pic up lata
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15 / F / Fuck if I know.
Posted 1/21/14 , edited 1/25/14
Username: coolgirlz56

Name: Edward

Age: 15

Family: 7

Position: lil Bro

Description: Eds father ditched him and his mom when he was 5. His mom died a few years later when he was 8. His father came back after 6 years and died on his mothers grave when he was 14. He has been alone ever since.

Personality: immature, stubborn, strong-willed, frequently letting his pettiness and vindictiveness get the better of him, somewhat selfish, remarkably self-absorbed, generally acting more out of self-interest than any sort of philanthropy as well as taking several opportunities to stroke his own ego, quick-tempered, gets VERY angry when called something related 2 his height, sarcastic, too happy to bluntly and harshly relieve others of their comfortable delusions regarding god, reality, or their own self-importance, However, for those few people who have made an impact on him, Ed shows his deeper nature to be one of marked selflessness, unflinching loyalty and great compassion.

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