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Post Reply *+*ARASHI*+* ~ Dorm Building
Posted 8/14/09

Yamada_Yuuki83 wrote:

aznsk8ngfreak wrote:

Application Form
Username: Aznsk8ngfreak
Name: (Your real first name and, last name is optional) Ai
The reason to be in this dorm: Becasue I really really REALLY love Arashi and it's my fav. band out of JE.
Nickname: ai-chan
DOB: 3/3
Country: USA
Language(s): English, Japanese
Height: 5ft.
Likes: Arashi, anime, manga, drama
Hates: liers, bullies, stubborn, and mean ppl.
Fave Color(s): Green
Fave Food: Any kind of Japanese Food
Message to ALL: Hello minasan!!! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!!!! m(_ _)m Arashi <33

Welcome! Ai-chan *bows*
please choose your room and bathroom from the Scummer Rooms list :D
hope you like it here ^^

Room #54 and Bathroom #2 (its the only one available ) plz.! :)

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F / Torrance
Posted 8/14/09

Yamada_Yuuki83 wrote:

aznsk8ngmangafreak wrote:

Name: Yuu Ohno
The reason to be in this dorm: I love Arashi and I have a intrest in knowing other Arashi lovers! >.<
Nickname: yo
DOB: June 5th
Country: USA
Language(s): English Japanese
Height: 4"7
Likes:JPOP and honest and nice people
Hates: people who lie
Fave Color(s): blue and yellow
Fave Food: noodles
Message to ALL: I'll work hard and will be looking for good friends!! yoroshiku~!! >.<

Whee~ Welcome *bows*
Please choose your room & a bathroom frm the Scummer Room list :]

Bathroom#2 and Room # 101 please!~

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23 / F / The Netherlands...
Posted 8/21/09

Yamada_Yuuki83 wrote:

JosylovesJUN wrote:

Username: JosylovesJUN
Name: Joséphine
The reason to be in this dorm: Cuz Arashi is my all-time fav band!!
Nickname: Jyo-chan
DOB: June 13
Country: The Netherlands
Language(s): Vietnamese, Dutch, English, French
Height: 153
Likes: Arashi, JDoramas, JPop, HanaDan
Hates: liers
Fave Color(s): Pink, Green, Purple
Fave Food: anything axcept Seafood..
Message to ALL: Hello Minna-san, Joséphine desu,, yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^o^

thnks for joining this dorm :D
you are now a student of this dorm room ^^
sorry for not replying so quickly and make you wait...
mods and i havent been active...-_-;
please choose your room and bathroom from the scummer list :D

Room #108 and Bathroom 2

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20 / F / Saitama prefectur...
Posted 2/20/10
Username: kitty_chan2-1
Name: anna nguyen
The reason to be in this dorm: becoz i am a biggggg hugggeeee crazy arashi fan to the point that i will join any arashi fan grp
Nickname: kitty
DOB: 22. aug
Country: vietnam
Language(s): english, vietnamese
Height: since im 13, 158cm
Likes: uhm, miso soup, dryplums, spaghetti, basketball, bla bla
Hates: KAT-TUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fave Color(s): blue, black, white
Fave Food: spaghetti
Message to ALL: hi minna! specially arashi fans!let be arashi-ish in this dorm!
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