Who Do You Think Is Hot Right Now in Japan
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Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/6/09
Name japanese singers who think is having a good new year start or been having a good past year. U can put pics or songs with the artist who you think is happening right now in Japan. New Artist is allow too.

You can name foriegn bands but they must have release a japanese single recently.

I will start:

Koda Kumi- Stay With Me

Kat tun - One Drop


Though the video isnt release yet, it has already played on the ending theme song for a japanese drama.

So tell me u think is hot right now in japan

If this is done please delete.
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Posted 2/6/09
LOL, the JE guys are forever popular in Japan.
they sing and they lead in dramas and movies.

Arashi just topped Oricon singles chart last year, and will be releasing their Believe single this March, same time as Koda Kumi. Believe is also the theme song for one of its members' movie Sho-Yatterman.

KAT TUN's songs has forever debuted no.1 at the Oricon chart. They will be releasing 2 new singles, one month after the other One Drop, and Rescue, which are the theme song for the 2 dramas of its members, Kamenashi (Kami no Shizuku), and Nakamaru (Rescue) and w/c a re already broadcasting.
They are also slated for a 7 day Tokyo Dome concert run this May, which means a new album is also coming up. Ueda will be playing Romeo in the Rome & Juliet stage play. Akanishi will be starring in a new movie "Bandage", and Kamenashi is again leading the musical Dreamboys 2009

Kinki Kids just topped the Oricon singles last week with their Yakusoku single. and they already make history for the most number 1 singles in the Oricon chart.

Namie Amuro sold a million of her Best Fiction album last year, just not sure when her next single is coming up. rumor has it it'll be released this March.

Utada Hikaru is set to release her English album "This is the One" on March 4 in Japan, and on March 24 in the US.
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Posted 2/6/09
Kumi Koda just released her new album so i say her
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