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ok... i no all of uve been waiting for this chapter.. so not much to say.. jsut read it.
Nurse: She wasn't in a good condition when she came in. She piggybacked Miss Rainie to the hospital in the rain. She also twisted her ankle, has a few scrapes. Seems like she has a cold. The worse part is, she got hit by-

-Another nurse came in.

Nurse 2: The patient from room #520 is missing.



RN: Arron, calm down. Instead of yelling at the nurse, why don't you go look for her.

YL: (thought it was a better idea than yelling) I'll call you when I find her.


SCENE: At the park (the one where gui gui and arron were last time)

GG POV: (sitting on the swing)
They are together, happily. In the future, they will get married and have children.... (starts to cry)

VOICE: Aren't you suppose to be in the hospital?

-Gui Gui looked up to see who it was, she stopped crying. When she did, she got up.

GG: How did you know I was here?

WZ: Rainie called me. She told me you were missing.

GG: They... they are ... together. Arron decided to... go .. back to Rainie's side.

WZ: I know.

GG: It hurts.. (starts to cry again)

-Arron looked around the hospital (in and out), not there. Then he went to her house, not there either. He took his phone out and called Jiro.

~~through phone~~

DD: Hello.

YL: Jiro! Help!

DD: What happened? Are you hurt?

YL: NO! I couldn't find Gui Gui.

DD: What? What happened?

YL: Can I explain later, just help me find her.

DD: Alright, I'll call YaTou.

YL: Alright, bye!

~~end of conversation~~

YL POV:(worried, running around her neighborhood looking for her)
Gui Gui, where are you?


GG: (crying) What does it take to get rid of the pain?

WZ: (slowly hugs Gui Gui) It's okay Gui Gui. I'm righ here with you.

GG: I couldn't take it anymore. (sad, crying tone)

WZ: Gui Gui, can... can I be the ... the medicine to.. cure your pain?

GG: (stops crying, slowly pushes him away and look up at him) Huh?

WZ: Even though you've only been here for 2 months, I understand you. From all the girls I've seen in the past, none of them are like you. The first day you came to school, you have a genuine smile. That smile told me a lot about you. I know you needed someone to protect you. When you wanted to change Arron, I thought you would give up soon. But I was wrong, you were stronger than I thought. You're the first person who had ever proved me wrong in something. That made me want to know mroe about you. I didn;t know why, until Rainie called me and told me you were missing, my mind went blank. I was so scared. I was afraid, afraid to not be able to see you again, afraid to not be able to hear your voice, afraid to not be able to see the genuine smile of yours.

GG: But Wang Zi, you know I like-

WZ: Give me one chance, just one chance to help you. Help you forget about him.

-Gui Gui kept silent for a moment.

GG: Wang Zi..... if things doesn't work out... promise me.. we will still be friends.

WZ: Are you saying you are giving me a chance? (asking with hope)

-Gui Gui nodded, but didn't smile. Wang Zi was so happy, he hugged her tightly.


SCENE: Classroom (class didn't start yet)

-Gui Gui walked into the classroom, holding hands with Wang Zi.

YT: Gui Gui! Where were you? You scared the heck outta me!

-Gui Gui walked to her seat with Wang Zi.

GG: Nothing, I just felt uncomfortable in the hospital, so I decided to take a little walk.

-Arron just sat there, showing no emotion.

DD: (noticing Gui Gui and Wang Zi were holding hands). Hey Wang Zi! I never knew you 2 were dating (pointing @ their hands)

YT: (looked at their hands) -GASP- You two... Gui Gui! Why didn't you tell me?

-Arron looked at their hands, which was embraced together. Gui Gui quickly letted go. He looked up at her and slammed his hand onto the table. Then got up.

YL: Alright, that's it.

-He pulled her out to the hallway.

SCENE: Hallway

YL: Where were you yesterday?

GG: Are you deaf? I basically announced to the class where I was yesterday. (trying to make him let go of her)

YL: Well, in that case, are you crazy? You have a cold, you twisted your ankle. You weren't in a good health condition. Why in the world would you get out of the hospital? You're so stupid!

GG: (getting mad) Hey! You're the one who said "You eat, sleep, talk, walk, or die, it's none of my business", and now you're asking me where the heck I was yesterday? Why do you even care?

YL: Because I was worr-

-Gui Gui stared into his eyes madly.

YL: Fine! I'm not going to talk about this. I'm going to talk about THAT!

GG: What is "THAT"? (trying to make him let go)

YL: THAT! Why did you 2 walk in hand in hand?

GG: (stop trying to make him let go): Isn't that something every couple does? Walking around with their hands together.

YL: (curious and serious) When did you guys star dating?

GG: Let go of me first! My hand hurts.

-He letted go.

YL: Answer me. When?

GG: I don't think you need to know. This is something between Wang Zi and me, you don't need to interfere.

-She turns around and was about to walk into the classroom, but Arron grabbed her hand again, turned her around, and pulled her close to him. Their faces were an inch away.

YL: Do you like him? (I think he sounds better if he says it in mandorin so... "Na ni shi kuan ta ma?")

GG: (looks him in the eye) That's none of you business. Don't you already of have Rainie?

-He lets go. Wang Zi suddenly walks to the hallway. Gui Gui turned around and said with her lips "Wang Zi, save me". Wang Zi read it and held her hands. Arron noticed their hands were held together.

WZ: Bao Bei! Come on, what are you doing out here? Arron, you too! Let's go in.

SCENE: IN CLASS (class starts)

MT (Miss Teacher): Class, I have an announcement to make.

-The class sat and opened their ears.

MT: Next week, we will be going to a one week field trip. We will be going to Forest of Adventures (dont know if theres such place, just making it up. but this is going to be like going to a camp. field trip, camp.. almost the same)

-Cheers filled the room.

MT: Of course, we will be doing some work during the field trip.

--class groans and whines--

MT: Don't worry, the work will be fun.

DD: Lao Shi, what do we have to do?

MT: There are 24 of you, so I will be dividing you in 6 groups of 4. What you have to do is get with your group in that week, and do some exploring. I'll explain more about it after I put you guys in gropus. Let see... Jiro, Ya Tou, Raymond, and Linda, you guys are in a group. Ming Dao, Qiao En, Bosco, and Myolie, you guys will be in a group.

-The teacher continued to assign people into different groups. So the groups are:

1. Jiro, Ya Tou, Raymond, Linda
2. Ming Dao, Qiao En, Bosco, Myolie
3. Hebe, Mike, Ron, Tavia
4. Wu Zun, Ella, Show, Ah Sa
5. Bernice, Moses, Kevin, Niki

Uh-oh, all of them are called, leaving Wang Zi, Rainie and.... AHHH!! NO!! How can this be? Why is it always him?

MT: And the last group Arron, Wang Zi, Rainie, and Gui Gui.

Why don't I ever get to be with Arron?! Ugh.. wait.. RAINIE'S IN HIS GROUP! NO!

MT: Okay. When you go to FOA (Forest of Adventures), you and your group is going to do some exploring around. You guys have to take pictures and write and essay and powerpoint about how is it like to be in FOA for a week. Look at all your surroundings, see the differences between here and FOA when you get there. EVERYONE IS DOING THER OWN ESSAY. So when I collect your project, I should have one powerpoint and four essays from each group. It doesn't matter how you do the powerpoint. The project is due 2 days after we come back from the trip.

WZ: Miss T, can we make a video or mv? It's almost like a powerpoint.

MT: Hmm.. not a bad idea. Sure. When you guys get there, you will be given a key to your own room.

YT: We get our own room?? YES!

-Gui Gui kept quiet, so did Arron and Rainie.


-The school day ended, the herd of students rushed to their lockers and went home. Ya Tou went to Gui Gui's locker. She walked up behind her.

YT: GUI GUI!! (scared her)

GG:-GASP- (passed out)

YT: GUI GUI! (worried)



scene 1:

YT: Gui Gui, are you crazy? You got hit by a car, you caught a cold, and you DONATED BLOOD TO RAINIE??!! You might get long term effect. I'm calling Arron.

GG: No! Don't tell him. Please don't.

scene 2:

YT: Arron! Where's Gui Gui!?

YL: She's not back? Gosh, I only yelled at her for 10 seconds, she didn't have to get THAT mad.

YT: What!?! You YELLED AT HER??

YL: Yeah, so. It's not like it's the first time.

YT: You have any idea what happened to Gui Gui the day Rainie was about to commit suicide?

YL: What are you talking about?

scene 3:

-Arron runs about the door.


YL: Gui Gui!! Where are you?

scene 4:

GG: I've taken enough already, what more do you want!?!

-Arron just stands there, looking at Gui Gui cry.


END OF THE CHAPTER!! please comment!! ill do the proofreading later, have to work... took too long on the computer already.. so COMMENT!!
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thats odd i read this story on toooooo
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