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Things you like and dislike about Crunchyroll
Posted 5/9/07 , edited 9/15/09
If anyone wants to recreate this thread, they're more than welcome to.

3 Things you like and dislike about crunchyroll
for me...........
-great mods here they very active here I love them when they closing topics .
-too much from members
-Cooool video here I can watching everything I wanna from my stuff
-forum active

-misunderstandings (Discussion situations)
-anime ecchii is not approved
just this I see everything here is CooooooooL ^^,

about you?
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Posted 5/9/07
what do u mean anime ecchi is not approved?

and i think i've seen this thread before
Posted 5/9/07
^^ ecchi anime? what the hell? this website is not made for sharing any ecchi animes, well unless it's not really a pure ecchi anime that makes the kids here watching that kind of stupid ecchi shows..
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28 / M / Isla Bonita
Posted 5/9/07
i like CR becoz:
~there are a lot of anime to watch
~i also agree with hind, the mods are really active... which is a good thing
~lots and lots of buddies... yay!

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32 / M / San Diego
Posted 5/9/07
- No strict rules, mods are all cool
- Well organized
- A large amount of drama/anime videos

- Licensed material not available (It can't be helped though)
- Certain upload limits (like bandwidth)
- Limit to how much you can view a day (Although I haven't actually experienced this yet... I just read about it somewhere in the forums)
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29 / F / UK
Posted 5/9/07
1- community
2- forums
3- so many shows

1- points system (200 for a new thread is too little ^-^)
2- ummm
3- *tumbleweed*

I'm not sure but i think this is a bit too similar to:
Do we appreciate Crunchyroll enough?
That thread asks what we like and what we would improve ^-^
Posted 5/9/07
but anyway here's mine for answering your thread


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F / Hogwarts
Posted 5/9/07
dont like boring topics
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30 / M / My room (but wher...
Posted 5/9/07
Hmm, let me count the ways . . .

1. Great place to watch a large variety of great anime without downloading them.
2. Getting to talk to and meet new and interesting people.
3. The game videos and live-action drama aren't too bad either ^-^.

1. It's a hive for narutards and other types of people the hardcore anime fan-community is embarrased of.
2. I can't find a search option that let's me find certain forum threads.
3. I still think it's really unfair that all the American-licensed anime gets taken off while "Naruto" and "Bleach" get to stay. Is VIZ Media actually telling shinji it's okay?
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29 / M / UK
Posted 5/9/07

~ Loads of shows
~ Fast streaming
~ Nice people


~ Too much anime and not enough TVB!
Posted 5/9/07
*good quality dmv
*active members that reply fast to queries*(thnx!!)
*lots of anime!
*nothing currently:)
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33 / M / Philippines
Posted 5/9/07
1. buffers faster
2. wide variety of anime & asian stuffs
3. i love the forums

1. haven't i noticed that most spammers are my fellow Filipinos (such a shame)
2. some of my fave anime's are gone when i discovered crunchyroll T_T
3. cant get enough of crunchy roll! ^^
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30 / M / vegass
Posted 5/9/07
I like the mods, some of the discussion that goes on in the forums, and uhhh shinji?

I dislike...umm..the licsensing thing...and..the fact that mauz gets a fan club and i dont
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36 / F / By the water
Posted 5/9/07

mushroomjay wrote:

- 30,000 or so videos
- Actually has some good features
- homebrewed PHP. : D

- Terrible as fucking hell community.
- Retards on the forum.
- Forum topics.

Jay, will you be the little brother that I never wanted??? My life isn't dull as it is, but I think you would add the little special something to everyday life that no one else can bring...

1. The absolute random amounts of buddy requests. I suppose that it comes with an online community, but seriously if no chatting between the parties has taken place...well why send a buddy request?
2. The amount of complaining that takes place due to the high volume of users during peak hours.
3. I'm with Steffi...*tumbleweed*

1. Fantastic selection of anime, drama, and action!
2. Most of the community is fantastic, even if I don't interact with a lot of it!
3. Absolute amount of whimsy that some members is quite entertaining.
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26 / M / Philippines
Posted 5/9/07
- lots of vids and almost free service (tho' i wish i could pay)
- many decent people
- features, and music, and everything

- crazy discussion sometimes
- people who use curse-words on forums
- one-sided guys who like comparing too much
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