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24 / F / Look behind you....
Posted 2/6/09
This story does not belong to me.
Not belongs to me. D:<
The next day...... when I played with my friend named Jacy I heard the guy who told shut up to me call me fat girl, ugly, and bitch. What did I do? Just when I was thinking that, suddenly the soccer ball he was using hit me in the head. I declare that I officially hate him! 1 month later, oh no! I'm seated next to him. I looked at his name tag it said Dilyn. That's a weird spelling but whatever. After five minutes I started talking and he started drawing Spongebob. He seemed really nice once I met him but at lunch time he started telling everyone my underwear color. I was so embarrassed! I tried covering his mouth but he started crying, I wondered why. The teacher came by and sent us to the vice principal. I got in trouble.
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24 / F / In my HIDEOUT
Posted 2/9/09
So interesting. MOREEEE
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Posted 2/17/09
i think that rude guy is dyslexic or has attention disorder. prolly have a crush on the main character.
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