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Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/8/09
When you have adopted a chibi, here r the things u can do:

When u have adopted a chibi,u will have 5000 chibi gold. U use these gold to buy stuff or things for ur chibi. U can have unlimited items limit and u may keep these things in the accesoriy box.

U may have ur chibi play with u in the park. U may also visit the Chibi Plaza to buy stuff and things 4 ur chibi.

If u buy a chibi pet, u will also take care it with ur chibi.

Ur gold will go into ur chibi bank account and it will show u the record when u take it out and used how many.

to earn more gold u have 2 play games and work at chobi town.

Many more info will come soon.

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