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Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/8/09
Hi guys. I was looking around crunchyroll and i found a group that had tutorials and one of them was manga coloring. At first i was confused and i had no idea wat do then i figured it out. Here is my first manga coloring(it looks revealing cuz its Amu from Shugo Chara Transforming)

So...if u have any manga pics u want colored, just post them here but u need to fill out this form
Skin ~ Light, Tanned, Smooth(in between)
Eye's ~
Hair ~
Clothes ~
Background ~
Speach Bubbles(optional) ~

Thanks ^^
Posted 7/29/09 , edited 7/29/09
Skin ~ Light, Tanned, Smooth(in between)light
Eye's ~can you surprise me
Hair ~can you surprise me
Clothes ~can you surprise me
Background ~no background
Speech Bubbles(optional) ~ none
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