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Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/8/09
Yup. Who's seen the new movie based off A Tale of Two Sisters? I have. And I loved it. Which must make you American-horror-remake-haters puke. :p

But honestly. I think in ways it was better as well as worse in comparison to the Korean original.

For one, everything in the The Uninvited was much more clear-cut. The first time I watched it, I understood everything. Not the same with A Tale of Two Sisters. Which is good and bad. I felt that the Korean version was a bit more deep b/c of this and made you think more. But it's nice if the average viewer could just watch it and understand.

Another thing. The "sick" but not "insane" mom in The Uninvited. I didn't like how they made her ill instead of mentally unstable. The whole insane mom added to the evidence on how psycho the main girl chick rlly was.

Adding romance. Ok, I found it cool that Anna murdered the guy and made the bruises from the incident seem like his unearthly ghost visited her. I guess in order to Americanize it, there's no U.S. movie out there that doesn't have any romance in it. But I felt it was kinda unnecessary and kinda cheapened it.

I loved how Anna's old roommate tied into the whole thing. I found that priceless.

And then there's that trying too hard to scare you thing...left a bad feeling in my mouth.

Please post your opinion about the two! 8D
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Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/18/09
I agree with you on some parts. I didn't like the whole "romance" part - it wasn't all that necessary. I did find the ending to be quite tasteful, on how her stories tied together with roommate. For some reason, I didn't like the other sister's personality - you know how in the movie, it was the main character who was the rebellious instead of the sisiter...perhaps it was "out of character" from the original.
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Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09
reading that, i know want to watch the american version. it's seems better than i thought it would!
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Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/19/09
it was..good..i guess..
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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/22/10
i want videos
plssswhy there is no viseo here???
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