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Posted 2/7/09 , edited 7/19/12
Since Aroa deleted her account ages ago, though it'd be nice if I took over for her and manage this since I'm still an active player and member of CR.

Wiki Page:
Netplay can be found here:
You are free to ask others here if you having problems.
Basic Tutorial

Discuss your favorite character, strategy, spellcards etc.

Please use format as listed below for the Netplay info:

Host: Yes/No
Contact Info: Instant Messaging and other methods for communication.
Characters: List your Primary and Secondary characters
Status: Your current standpoint in terms of skill level.
Info: Any extra details you'd like to add about yourself

Netplay players info:


If you'd like to join the list of active netplayers, you're more than welcome to. Just make sure to post the necessary information so I can add to this post.
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