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I Just want to know what will happen in this story. So let's start

Oneday In The morning , Tadase was walking to school and show ikuto with handsome cloth. Tadase was fall in love with ikuto
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(Can I join? Please excuse me....I am not sure what you mean by your statement )

Ikuto blinked owlishly at Tadase, wondering why the heck the boy was giving him a piece of cloth.
'Strange guy'

"Oi Tadase...where's amu? Usually you guys stick like made me wonder how you guys lived so must have eventually gotten wary from breathing each others air all the time..." He said with a smirk, wanting to rifle up the little king. He loved to rifle him made him forget that he had no chance with Tadase whatsoever.

'No..I can't think that now...need to rifle him up more...'

"Oi Kiddy King....are you listening? Don't tell me your choking on your pathetic twinkling lights?"
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