[TUTORIAL] making a beam--
Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/9/09

step 1:
-open up a new picture and add a new layer

step 2:
-click on the pen tool and add a little dot.(starting point).by simply clicking on the picture.

step 3:
-then add another dot.and without letting go.drag it.so it'll curve.

step 4:
-then keep on going.

step 5:
-then right click the picture when you're done.and click on stroke path.

step 6:
-then click on brush.

step 7:
-then when the beam shows.right click again.and click on delete path.

step 8:
-then click on the eraser tool.and erase the parts you dont want.^^then if you would like.change the color of the beam!
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