Post Reply Pi's concern for maki, i mean toma:P
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Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
okay i saw this translation of pi and toma in seventeen for may last year..excerpts of some interesting parts(:


Pi:<Honey and Clover> is on tues?
Toma: yupp,but it has ended(smiles)
Pi:i know. cuz i didnt watched the last episode...
Toma: <Prodai>'s wrap up party,was it happening? <Honey and Clover>'s was super happening,everyone was together till around 5 am.
Pi: Happening! When will <HanaKimi> Sp be broadcasted?(suddenly)

hahaha pi wan to watch hanakimi sp?i know he watched tokyo daikushu(maki and fujiwara) last year but hahah he wants to watch this too?(:he just bring up the topic of <HanaKimi>sp suddenly(:


Pi:If toma comes to NEWS tokyo dome concert, wish to see him dancing to <欲望的雨>.
toma: <欲望的雨> (smiles)
Pi:In the past,when we were jr we sang it always. However, becuz toma is filming <HanaKimi>,you cant come.
Toma: Actually i wanted to go.
Pi: i also wanted to sing

awwww pi cant stop about hanakimi..LOL okay he just wan more of toma's time.


Pi:Although it's in group, toma's dance is always perfect. before performance, i''ll always ask"how is it"how is it" and i'm not good at MC. toma will get angry and say"speak more".i'm working hard yo.Next time let's be like tegomass two person collaborate or something.wan to try acting in a drama.
Toma:Yes,we have not acted before together.
Pi: roles where the friendship is good will be nice. <kurosagi>'s swindling character will not be suitable ne.
Toma:After watching <kurosagi>, i like pi's a lil dark character. How should i put it, there's some sad emotion that i dun have.<NwP>'s akira is also like that, althought is baka, but there's sadness too.
Pi:i still prefer <hanakimi> this type of genki feel ne. Like toma's movement.very special.however, <Honey and Clover> toma is special in it too.

hahaha pi wan toma's role as nakatsu?

hahaha okay pardon my translation lots i cant translate..tried my best..maybe i think a lil too much,,pi is only caring for toma..likewise toma for pi but hahahah how interesting pi keep talking abt hanakim(:but no worries, toma supports pi too like advertising <kurosagi> movie in his blog..awww toma pi maki should collaboratexDDDD

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Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/16/09
i agree...they all should act together.....anyways thank you for the translation....
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Posted 4/2/09 , edited 4/2/09
thats all it should be pi concern to maki but its ok tomapi!!!!!
Posted 4/7/09 , edited 4/7/09
what made me interested is the notion that pi wants nakatsu's part....!!! why do they always leave the best parts out??!! Grrr...yamapi should just announce out loud he wants maki!!!!

Thanks for the translation...!!! Made the idea-loving-bunny hopping...imagining what would have happened if yamapi had nakatsu's part...-sigh- wonderful! arigatou ne!!!
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Posted 4/7/09 , edited 4/8/09
hahaha.. i love Pi but i don't think anyone can beat him as NAKATSU. but im wondering how Pi's like acting gayish.. haha cool!

i'd really love to see them in a drama together.. YAMAKI and TOMAPI/ TOMAYAMA are my FAVES.. i really hope there will be one with the three of them.. yay!
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Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/11/09
hahhaha awww thanks for posting~ omg
if they 3 can act together it will be the greatest thing ever!!
gonna be like highly rated n even over rated!!
sighh if those producers can think about this hahahaha
aww that will be like fulfilling us fans' wish XD
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Posted 6/12/09 , edited 6/13/09
I'm also waiting that to happen.. How I wish I'm the one who can convince the management or the producers...
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Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/8/10
HAHAHHow funny why do they mention all the time dramas where Maki is with them! AHAH FUNNY
I asume that Yamapi wants Maki as his i think he is interested in her!! Watch the old NWP parts interviews yamapi often take glanzes at Maki at the smiles!! AHHHH
And i think why he is not soo talkaktive with her , is maybe it is awkarwd think of yourself when you with somebody who you like or even has a crush on them then you are also not so talkaktive and perhaps more shy and kind of nervous! :rolleyes:
Maybe Pi is a little jeaoulous of his best friend that he get along very vell with Maki and can joke more with her !!
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