[CONTEST] Acrostic Poetry
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Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
Acrostic Poetry is a poem like the following,


Let we commit this true love
Oh my love, u're the one
Valentines Day is the most important day in my life
Even I have to force a way through a forest
In the dark night
Still, I love u till the end of the world
Before you realize it, I'll be by your side
Love is blind
It's true, my love
No one can replce u
Die together, live together... u are my precious one...

Created by anatomanishi

What u have to do is to create a poem like that, but theme it with something that relates to Valentine's like LOVEMAKESTHEWORLD, ILOVEYOU, VALENTINES and many more! Be creative ne~! Hahaha!~ Good luck!~

1st place, 1 JSD special card, u will be mention on page with ur poem for one week, 2 aviis, 2 icon from JSD
2nd place, will be mention on page for one week, 1 avii, 1 icon
3rd place, will be mention on page for one week, 1 icon

February 14th 2009
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Posted 2/12/09 , edited 2/12/09
Stars... they used to be a little different a year ago.
And the air... it seemed to be somehow sweeter then.
Drowning in this harsh
now I don't know how I could survive.
Two years
had passed quickly
enough to make you forget me.
Did I know that minutes could last longer than they
already are?
You made my life...
or did you destroy it?
For your love I gave not only my
heart but my soul
and my life and still... I can't really say
"Please turn back the time..." or
"Please come back..."
You know
How much I've learned from our - my! - mistakes.
Even though I really wish for your return, I can't
ask myself to make the same mistakes again. And
really the best thing to do is
to stop now because
sadness should not be the meaning of Valentines.

i just came from the library and i am not really in the mood for poems but i want to participate...^_^! sorry...

i know it tries too hard...
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wait, wha?
Posted 2/15/09
Contest Is Now Over!

Now you two get to fight over first place.
I'm joking, of course
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