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Posted 10/14/09 , edited 10/14/09
I met my old best friend at school YEARS ago, and my newest best friend (also my boyfriend) online
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Posted 11/27/09 , edited 11/27/09
Carlo: I Met Him In An Ice Skating Rink, Where I threw Him An Iceball And We Both Played Even Though We Dunno Each Other

Yuwen: I Saw Him Play The Guitar And Asked His Name

Joshua: We Both Ate At KFC At The Same Table, Same Time
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Posted 6/26/11 , edited 6/27/11
I met my "Best Friend" in Kindergarten. Neither of us had any friends and she was like,"Hey do wanna be my friend?" and I said "sure. "~ ~ ~ I met my "friend" in 5th grade.We were total opposites, but we somehow just started hanging out.
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