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Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/11/09
If you haven't read the note in the Dark Kingdom Forum (the very last reply), then please read this now. Do not reply in this forum unless you're one of the new people Kisae and Reiya are going to meet on their trip. Yes, we have abandoned the Dark Kingdom Forum for this. I'm sorry everyone! If you want to reply in this forum, then at least try to find a way to join. Again, I repeat...If you want to reply in this forum, then at least try to find a way to join. But please tell xXSerenityLiteXx or kristythao (me) first so we will know. You may join this Roleplay Form if you want. It doesn't matter. We don't want anything confusing to happen. Well, have fun roleplaying! Thank you for reading!~

kristythao (Kisae)
xXSerenityLiteXx (Reiya)
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
Kisae's assassin crew and my body guards dashed through the Dark Forest of the Dark Kingdom. I slightly turned around to see if everybody was there behnd me. I was leading these people to where my dream had begun. I wasn't sure where to go, but I believed my instincts will tell me. I sprinted faster as the party behind me imitated my move.

Reiya: Come on guys! Better keep up!
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
Kisae: hai hai! we're rite behind ya! no need to worry!

i quickly ran behind reiya with Tama and Taniya following close behind me.

Kisae: im impressed Tama! i never knew dat u culd ran as fast as this!
Tama: *smiles* haha! i used to run all the time before i met u Kisae.
Taniya: dont push urself too far now. u might trip over sumthing and get left behind.
Tama:...*glares at Taniya and sticks tongue out*....
Kisae: hey hey! dont fight now! save ur energy for later. the excitement has only begun. come on! we're losing reiya out of sight!

we sprinted faster and faster thru the woods, only leaving fallen leaves behind us.
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
i sprinted and dodged many tree branches infront. the others did the same. tho we left early in the morning, it was dark in the forest. pretty dangerous too i suggest. my eyes narrowed.

Reiya: Be careful everyone! We're just about in the heart of the Dark Forest now. Stay on your guard. *weilds sword tighter*
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
Kisae: u heard reiya! get ur weapons ready at any time. *grabs a shuriken from pouch*

we all ran and ran. the faster we ran, the darker it became. tho it might have been only about 9 a.m. reiya was rite! it was pretty dark here. i kept a close eye on our surroundings. alert if anything came near us. suddenly, i heard a low shuffle of bushes up ahead. i gasped and threw a shuriken at the direction. everyone stopped then and watched.
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
i also heard the shuffling sound of leaves. as we all jerked to a stop infront of the shaking bush, i slowly stalked closer and closer. i wasnt sure wat it was gonna b but i held my weapon in place if it was danger. all of a sudden, i peeked over and saw...a rabbit. it was stunned from fear. Kisae's shuriken was just an inch away from it's head. i laughed.

Reiya: It's ok everyone! It's just a rabbit! Hahaha! Poor thing. *grabs shuriken and rabbit quickly runs away* Here Kisae! Catch! *throws her shuriken back at her*
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
i caught my shuriken and dropped it bak into my pouch.

Kisae: hehehe...woops! srry guys. i guess i was a bit too alert. hahaha.
Tama: its ok Kisae! i wuld have done the same thing too.

after dat, the party dashed off into the Dark Forest again, leaving no trace behind us.
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
a hours later, i was sure dat we were in the heart of the Dark Forest now. no mistake. the heart of the Dark Forest was the darkest and deepest area of the forest. i bit my lower lip.

Reiya: Like I said guys. Stay alert. We're in the darkest and deepest part of the forest now. The heart. Get your weapons ready. There are many creatures out here that can kill you without even knowing it. Also a warning. If you fall asleep, then wake up as soon as possible. For if you do, it's the work of a Death Dreamer. They cause you to become drowsy and sleepy. Once you're asleep, the Death Dreamer sleeps besides you and shares its dreams with yours, turning it into a nightmare and killing yourself in your own dream. Don't fall for that. Send one of us a warning if you're getting sleepy.

after i said dat, i heard sum of my guards gently pulling out their swords out of its sheath. i heard Kisae's asssassins grabbing their stars out from their pockets and pouches. i also held my sword too.
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
Kisae's thots: oh yea, dats rite. i've heard of those before. Death Dreamers may be cute, but they're deadly.
Verita's thots: ha! as if! i wont let u die dat easily. bring 'em on! i can take them.
Kisae's thots: shush now! ur making me lose my concentration.
Verita's thots: *growls*

Tama: Kisae?
Kisae: yes Tama?
Tama: kinda scared of those...things dat Reiya said.
Kisae: its ok Tama. im here to protect u. dont worry.
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
suddenly, i began to feel drowsy. my eye lids began to droop. but i wuldnt let myself sleep. i yawned. i heard sum of my other guards and Kisae's assassins yawn too. i wasn't sure if Kisae yawned but i was sure of sumthing. there must b alot of Death Dreamers around us to make us fall asleep this fast. i growled quietly.

Reiya: Don't fall asleep! I repeat. Don't fall asleep!
One of my guards: Reiya. I don't know if I can keep this up. I'm about to collapse right now...
Reiya: Well don't! If you do, then what was your point for coming along with us?
One of my guards:...Yes, ma'am....
Reiya's thoughts: I gotta say that I'm feeling the same too. Ergh! I can't! I'm leading everyone on this trip right here right now! I can't let them all down. If I do, then we all die. Come on, Reiya. You can do this! Don't give up just yet.
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
Kisae's thots: oh shoot. im getting tired fast. dang it! i gotta keep going. getting...*yawns*...tired...
Kisae: dont Tama! u said dat u were going to be strong like me rite? remember?
Tama:...ur rite...i wont give up!
Kisae: dats wat i wanna hear. heh! how about u Taniya?
Taniya: im getting drowsy too...
Kisae: well dont! u heard Reiya. dont fall asleep! now c'mon!

everybody ran faster to stay awake. the deeper we ran, the sleepier we became.
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/10/09
suddenly, i began to hear growls and snarls. the Death Dreamers! they were using all their energy now to cast their sleeping spell more affective. sum of them had already stopped and were preparing to attack us head on! i growled back.

Reiya: Everyone! Get ready! The Death Dreamers are about to attack us now! Get your weapons ready! And...Dont...Die!!! Attack!

from everywhere, snarls, growls, and roars filled the air. many Death Dreamers leapt into the air from trees and bushes. everyone grabbed their weapons and battled for their lives.
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/10/09
Kisae: DIE YOU DEADLY BASTARDS!!!!!! DON'T MESS WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i pulled out many shurikens, kunais, and other stars and began to shoot them directly at any Death Dreamer dat came nearby. Taniya and Tama stayed by my side. the rest of my sin crew charged onward. i leapt up into the air and closed my fingers into a spell-casting sign. i began to glow red and a spell circle appeared beneath me.

Kisae: Rain of Fire!!!

i summoned all of my ninja stars out and they burnt up into flames. then they dove down towards the Death Dreamers.
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/10/09
i charged at a Death Dreamer infront of me and stabbed it with my sowrd. the monster fell to its death. i spun around and attacked another one and another one. one of my bodyguards stayed behind my back to watch over me. i spun around and tackled another Death Dreamer rite in the face. then i stabbed it in the head with my sowrd. i leapt back and began to cast a spell. it glowed yellow around me and a yellow spell circle took place.

Reiya: Lightning Blade! *sword glows yellow and becomes electric* DIE!!!! *Kills many Death Dreamers*

Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/10/09
i killed another Death Dreamer. i casted another spell.
Kisae: Hail Storm!!!
this time blue stars fell out from the sky and shot directly at every Death Dreamer nearby. behind me Tama and Taniya were battling too. i sighed a relief for Tama was ok. dat was good. i leapt backwards in the air and stabbed at a Death Dreamer.
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